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At Vizio MAKEUP ACADEMY, we bring out the best in every student. We are an accredited makeup academy, teaching makeup artistry to people around the world. We are renowned for our excellence in educating professionals who are interested in this exciting career.

Online Makeup Courses courses are delivered entirely online using our advanced training platform. Once enrolled, you’ll gain access to all the curriculum chapters, videos, tests, and makeup assignments associated with your course.

Just as important, you’ll receive extensive feedback from our experienced instructors. They will analyze and critique your makeup assignments and provide you with customized guidance and recommendations.


When you have successfully completed our course, you’ll be awarded a certificate in professional makeup artistry. This certification demonstrates that you have satisfied all requirements of a Vizio Professional Makeup Artistry Course and are ready to enter the field of skilled makeup artistry.

Regardless of your career goals—as a freelance artist, a professional in the film and television industry, or a wedding industry specialist—you’ll have the skills you need to create a thriving and profitable career.

Some people assume it’s difficult to succeed as a professional makeup artist. They allow this belief to stop them from following their dreams. But with proper training and a solid understanding of makeup artistry, you’ll soon find your makeup career blossoming.

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Once enrolled, you will receive feedback and have access to industry-leading Hollywood celebrity makeup artist instructors (the very best in the field). With their trade secrets, various makeup techniques, and wide-ranging experience in the makeup industry, you will participate in numerous tests and assignments. Each and all of these makeup course assignments can be completed at your own convenience.

Supporting you from day one

Whatever goals you have for your career as a makeup artist, Vizio will be there to guide you in pursuing your passion. Supported by the knowledge and expertise you’ll gain from our online makeup classes, it’s a good bet that you’ll be catapulted to the heights of success in no time at all!

Now that you know what professional makeup training can do for you, what are you waiting for? Enroll in our course today and start making your dreams come true.

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