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Our International Elite Makeup Professional Certification is issued to graduates who have completed all the required course lessons, submitted all assignments, and have received all passing grades. This certification demonstrates completion of our International Elite Professional Makeup Artistry Courses, and prepares you to begin an exciting career in freelance makeup, cosmetic counter makeup, commercial makeup, bridal makeup, makeup for fashion, makeup for television and film, and more.

Immediately print out your certificate, and or choose to have an original certificate sent to you. The Certification will be issued in your name as given on your registration and will reflect your successful course completion. It will be signed and dated by our International Elite Certified Makeup Professional Mentors. 

The rave reviews don't lie.


Being a makeup artist is a very advantageous job; you could meet different celebrities and also work alongside other makeup artists who have already worked with other prominent celebrities. Have you ever thought about having the same experiences and learn to become a makeup artist online? Well, to become a professional makeup artist by simply undergoing online classes and this will be very possible. This will also allow individuals to learn how beneficial it is to receive a certificate under a prominent online school such as Vizio.

Vizio can provide an International Elite Makeup Professional Certification for the graduates who are interested in pursuing their career as a makeup artist. For students who have already completed their required lessons, they will be receiving this certification and will be recognized as the best student makeup artists who are already equipped with skills and talents waiting to be shown across the globe.

How to Attain the Certification and Become a Makeup Artist Online
Just like any student, there are certain course elements that you must go through to get certified from Vizio. When all of the required elements are completed, you will be provided with the certification that you can use as the proof of being one of the students who have finished a makeup course with the prominent celebrity makeup artists.

So, what are the elements needed for you to get certified? Go through the following:
• You must finish all of the course lessons and have all of the assignments submitted on time.
• As a student, you must receive passing grades from the celebrity makeup artists.
When you have already provided these requirements, there is a great chance that you can receive the best results from the celebrity makeup artists and make it possible to receive the certification as you finish the course.

Once you finish the chosen makeup course from the academy, you are sure to find the solutions on how you can be as competitive as possible in the field of makeup artistry and be able to anticipate having a great career waiting ahead of you. This is sure to give you the advantage of dealing with your needs and make it possible for you to start a career where you can start doing the makeup applications on celebrities not only in film and TV but also in other acts where you can showcase your talent in makeup application.

As soon as you receive the certificate, which you can print immediately or we will have the original certificate sent to you. The certificate that you will receive will contain the name that you have placed in time of your registration and the certificate itself will reflect the success you had in completing the entire course.
The certificate will then be signed by Vizio’s International Elite Certified Makeup Professional team, which will make it valid as a proof of the successful path you had with completing the entire course. When you received your certificate, you can immediately use the IEMP initials after your entire name whenever you are asked for it.