Types and Tricks for False Eyelashes

While I personally don’t have any qualms about having super short lashes, I do admire the beauty when a pair of healthy and beautiful -looking eyes is accompanied with equally beautiful-looking lashes. So it’s not surprising, that false eyelashes are one of those beauty must haves that you should master (ASAP, if possible) and after looking how Kim K is rocking them, false eyelashes are here to stay.

Why should I wear false eyelashes?

Believe it’s simple, well-chosen eyelashes can bring your look to a whole new astounding level – people will stop and suddenly stare at your eyes if they get the chance. The right lashes can make your eyes look fresh, awake, and they certainly give off the right positive vibe that you want – be it simple, alluring, or theatrically dramatic.
So forget the thought that false eyelashes can be a bit tricky because these tips are meant to simplify them.

Types of false eyelashes worth checking out

With so many false eyelashes on the market, there are certain types you certainly need to have in your arsenal of high-quality items that will positively impact your eyes.

The number one is obviously mink lashes and you can’t go wrong with them. The fur is made from live mink (brushed off, without any harm done to animals) and it’s sterilized for your use. The good thing about these lashes is they are easy to match with your look, durable, long-lasting, and can be used up to twenty times, provided that you follow the instructions, carefully. The same also applies with velormink lashes.

I remember when I used to play around with Shu Uemura and MAC lashes – they’re simply stunning. Though they are quite pricey but the ladies don’t seem to have any problem with that due to the fact that we all know how superb these lashes are, making your eyes appear more awake and oh-so natural.

The name Red Cherry has also gained popularity, as they offer high quality falsies at affordable prices. Their lashes are all about being stylish while at the same time being durable (we are all living in a fast-paced world today) and they are certainly lightweight to use.

Tips and tricks to keep your false eyelashes in place

Before getting your hands on the falsies, I’d highly recommend you get yourself a complete set of tools to accompany the lashes. That includes lash curler, tweezers, and lash glue.  Cutting them into twos and thirds instead of wearing the whole strip will make the application process easier and gives off more natural-looking lashes.  To ensure the falsies and natural eyelashes curl longer; apply mascara while using an eyelash curler at the same time.

Eyelash Kit Tools
Eyelash Kit Tools

Don’t overdo the glue! Using too much will only make the lash prone to clumping, harder application, and makes your eyes look a bit weird. And it’s also best that you pick eyelash glue carefully, as certain brands contain formaldehyde, which can be irritating to the eyes.