Featured FX Makeup Artist Natasha Morley

Natasha Morley: An FX makeup magician!

Hello October! It’s that time of the year again when we are greeted by a chill in the air; that delightful crispiness that comes with a whirlwind of excitement and energy. It’s the time to celebrate the world’s best holiday- Yes; it’s the time for Halloween!

Halloween is the time to go wild and allow your artistic imagination to run wild. You can explore different costumes, themes and make up trends. Still trying to conjure up makeup look ideas? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered with our featured special FX makeup artist, Natasha Morely.

Natasha is a talented SFX and make-up wizard. She is a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, prosthetic special FX makeup artist, and wig maker. Residing in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales; Natasha is originally from Cheshire, England. At the age of 17 she moved to Cardiff and began to pursue a career in the creative and dynamic field of makeup. From this moment on, her ambition and determination led her to do incredible things! Her creativity was appreciated and given a platform as one of the finalists in L’Oreal’s “The Brush Contest” and the NYX UK Face Awards. After gaining recognition around the country for her work; Natasha then began posting her work online, onto social media sites, and gained an outstanding number of followers who supported her work. This huge online acceptance inspired her to create her YouTube channel filled with her artistic tutorials. Throughout her career she has been determined and constantly strives for greatness!

At an early age of 19, Natasha managed to achieve film credits and even had her work published in magazines. She takes pride in sharing her talent by teaching others, creativity, originality and positivity to those who follow her work. We are excited to feature a never before seen FX Makeup look created by Natasha for Vizio Makeup Academy Students. Some of the looks created by Natasha are extraordinary. The spiderman suit makeup look, Scarlet witch look, the purple sugar skull, the very popular bane mask look are just a handful of the truck loads of creative looks created by Natasha. Each look is absolutely professional. Her online makeup tutorials are easy to follow and anyone can create spectacular Halloween looks following Natasha’s expert guidance.

Whether you are a self taught artist, learning under the watchful eye of a mentor or completing your education from a school, we can’t stress enough that knowledge is power and all learning is worth sharing. So step outside the box and get noticed by people across the globe!

Happy Halloween month! Make sure you follow Natasha Morley on her social media sites and get your dose of inspiration!