February Makeup Artist Feature

February Featured Artist Alexa Doueiry

Alexa Doueiry Vizio Makeup Academy Student of the Month

Our featured makeup artist this month is one of our current students Alexa Doueiry. We are actually amazed not just by the talent of this 18 year old, but also of her supreme multitasking skills. Alexa is currently becoming a professional makeup artist and a certified assistant nurse. Additionally, she already is a trained actor, dancer and model who speaks English and fluent Arabic. Even with all this going on she currently works as a makeup artist at her modeling agency. There she fine tunes her skills by doing makeup on other models, actors and even on herself for her own bookings. She also free lances her makeup artistry for other events such as birthday parties, weddings, shows, etc. Alexa always has had a passion for makeup but hasn’t started any professional training until she found our school.

Alexa began her career in the entertainment industry by performing in productions of Grease and Hairspray in 2009 at Rose Theater. Then in 2010, she began attending acting and modeling classes at John Robert Powers acting and modeling school. With her new education and a determination for success, she ventured to IPOP (International Presentation of Performers) in Las Vegas to see how good she really was. It turns out that her schooling paid off because she was named one of the Top Ten actresses at IPOP. After this she secured both acting and modeling agents who helped her with various work throughout the years.

Not only has Alexa been a model but she has also been in hair shows with Redkin and Salon Centric. Not to mention her roles in films such as POET and Looks Could Kill. Being around this entertainment, flash and glamour it is no wonder Alexa fell in love with the art of makeup. She names some of her favorite hobbies as doing makeup, hair, modeling, dancing, working out and swimming. When she said she enjoys dancing as her hobby, I do not think she means dancing around like a fool when you think no one is watching (oops that’s me). Alexa is trained in two years of jazz out of the Rose Theater in downtown Omaha where she was in two showcases. She also was trained in three years of hip hop dancing. She attended the Basement Beat Hip-Hop dance studio and took classes at the JCC in Omaha where she perfected her dance skills.

Dancing wasn’t the only trick she had up her sleeve that made her stand out. Alexa also enjoyed cheering and she did this for three years for Elite Cheer where she was very successful. She also dabbled in a little gymnastics at Premier which actually landed her in a noteworthy newspaper. Another significant achievement is her title as state finalist for Nebraska from the National American Miss Pageant in 2012.

With this great resume Alexa has, she still relies on social media to get the word out about herself. She is very fond of Instagram, but you can find pictures of her makeup, modeling, acting and everything she holds dear on her social media sites. Her main goal is to become a certified makeup artist and she is very thankful to have found our academy to get her there.

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