HD Pro 20 Brush Set

Vizio’s exclusive 20-piece custom HD brush set is made of the finest quality HD synthetic hair that is secured with state-of-the-art bonding techniques, virtually eliminating hair shedding and loose handles.

This luxurious brush set comes in a beautiful, black, secure leather case that retails for over $250. These brushes are not available for the average consumer; they are made especially for the pro artists exclusively at Vizio.

You will learn how to use each and every one of these pro brushes in our courses, which is one of the most essential steps in becoming an elite makeup artist.
All brushes are custom made especially for Vizio Makeup Academy



HD Pro Brush Set

The most important tool for any makeup artist is the brush they use. There are a number of makeup brushes that are used to create the perfect look for a client. The better the quality of the brush used, the better the final result and thus every makeup artist should invest in the right makeup brush set. There are a number of brands that manufacture and sell professional makeup brush sets, however not all of these sets manage to deliver the results a professional desires. Vizio is one place that professionals can get the HD Pro Brush Set, and if you’re wondering what’ so great about this brush set, then read on.
The makeup brush set available at Vizio is made from the highest quality synthetic hair which is safe to use, even on the most sensitive skin. This ensures that you’ll never have clients complaining about an allergy after the makeup application. This set is designed with the highest quality and state of the art techniques that makes the set last long and prevents the strands from going lose.
These brushes move in the right direction and manage to deliver a more polished look as compared to most brush sets that create patchy and powdered looks which look artificial. This brush set will thus last long, and deliver flawless results at all times without extra effort. It’s so easy to use; professionals can save a lot of time and create perfect looks with ease.
If you’ve got the right makeup brush set, you’ll manage to create an airbrush like look even with the use of these brushes. Since brushes are the most important tools for any makeup artist, it’s important for professionals to use the right tools and invest in a brush set that will last long, and work well. The HD Pro Brush Set is one of the best brush sets available in the market and no matter how often you use these brushes, you won’t have a problem with the quality of the final result that it delivers. Vizio Makeup Academy offers some of the best online courses for budding makeup artists in the making. These courses are easy to understand effective and enable you to master the art of makeup in a flexible manner which means you won’t have to compromise on your daily routine in order to take advantage of the course.
If you’re looking to master your skills in makeup in order to beat the competition and establish your name in the market as one of the most elite makeup artists, then it’s best to enroll in Vizio and take advantage of the courses they have to offer.
Makeup is an art and learning it the right way can take you a long way in the beauty industry. If you’ve been looking for some of the best solutions that can help you get on track then you’ll need to get expert training and invest in the right tools. Get yourself the HD Pro Brush Set which is only available at Vizio.