Course Comparison Chart

Makeup School Course Comparison Chart

Makeup is used in various fields like magazines, theaters, photography, television, cosmetic industry among several other fields. Makeup artists help change your appearance by applying make-up on your face. They make you look good and feel good. However, they can make you look younger or older. They can also cover up your flaws. The makeup artist is popular especially in the field of television and the profession is in high demand.

Although it is not essential to get a formal certification in makeup artistry it is better to get a formal certificate. The learning of becoming a make-up artist can be done by either learning the techniques yourself or by going to a makeup school. You can also work in a cosmetic company. However, to annul the stress of going to school, you can learn to become a makeup artist by joining our online makeup school.

There are up to three different types of courses available from our online makeup school – the introductory makeup artistry course, master makeup artistry course, premier makeup artistry course and the elite makeup artistry course with FX. All of these courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with all access learning. During the course of your learning process, you have a year access to celebrity makeup artist’s feedback. For every course in our online school, you will have access to eBook course contents. The number and category of eBook that you will get depend mainly on the type, of course, you are studying. There are, however, many videos that you will watch to make the learning easy.

There are some eBooks that all of these courses have in common – these include history, how to build pro makeup kit, how to use pro brush set, choosing foundation 101, color theory and face charts. you will also learn about contour, highlight & blend, face structure, natural makeup, and Smokey eye makeup. However, you will also learn about marketing, certification, brush sanitizing, and sanitation guidelines. All our makeup courses are flexible and suit to student’s schedule.

If you, however, have some experience with makeup, you can then go for our master makeup artistry course, premier makeup artistry course or even the elite makeup artistry course with FX. The trend in the makeup course in our online makeup school is the introductory makeup artistry course (the smallest), master makeup artistry course, premier makeup artistry course and the elite makeup artistry course with FX (the highest). When you enroll for the elite makeup artistry course with FX, you will learn almost everything about makeup artistry.

To know more about our makeup school course comparison chart, you can visit our website here. From this page, you will get to know the differences between our courses and what each of them offers.