Vizio Makeup Academy Partners with Mehron Cosmetics

Mehron Cosmetics Since 1927

So often we make the mistake of thinking that makeup has only recently been prevalent in our society. Certainly we know that lipsticks and blush have been around for some time now, but only recently has the makeup industry truly taken off and begun reaching its full potential. Now there are more products and brush types available than ever before, and that can leave anyone’s head spinning. Although this industry did just recently begin having a large presence and impact on daily lives, it has been around much longer than I’m sure most of you are aware of. We bring all this up because we have partnered with one of the most prestigious and long lasting cosmetic companies in the world, Mehron Cosmetics.

Mehron was founded in 1927 in New York by Mehron Cosmetics Melik who saw the need for makeup in the theatre district. If you aren’t aware of the culture and society in New York in the 20’s, I’ll give you a little background. The 20s are generally known as the time the beauty industry was born. An important aspect to remember is that at this time, “nice girls” realized they do not have to be actresses, dancing girls or prostitutes to wear makeup. It became acceptable and even encouraged that all women begin wearing it. Even though there were very limited products and shades (and practically the only application method was using your finger), women fell in love with makeup.

Now with regular women demanding makeup, Mehron Cosmetics stepped into this industry to cater to the needs of performers, of which at this time there were many. A few years later World War II began and Mehron donated his time and talent to hundreds of returning soldiers. He helped teach them how to use makeup to hide their scars, wounds and burns which ultimately helped them get the sense of normalcy back in their lives. During the 50s and 60s Mehron Cosmetics began being sold in stores and from then on, this company has been growing, expanding and keeping pace with the cosmetic demands of today. They have grown from a limited number of products to over 12,000 brand sku’s and 500 private label formulas being carried in over 3,000 retail stores in 25+ countries.

What we here at Vizio love about Mehron Cosmetics is that they seem to be our perfect compliment. They specialize mostly in commercial theatre, education, movies, TV, opera, clowning, SFX, Halloween and face painting markets which makes them a great match for our school.

So you are probably wondering what this partnership means for you. Well, our students and graduates will receive a professional discount as well as have the opportunity to learn about special effects and the entertainment industry makeup from the undisputed industry leader in cosmetics. This company has over 80 years of experience and can offer so much to students like you who are just starting out in the business. We are so excited to have become partners with Mehron and can’t wait for our students to experience their luxury pigments.

To apply for your pro discount simply log into the Mehron Cosmetics website at 
https://www.mehron.com, then email them a photo of your school ID card which was mailed to you upon