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How you will learn

*24/7 anytime, anywhere
*Use your computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone
*Tests, assignments, quizzes, HD vids
*Celebrity makeup artists feedback
*Access to celebrity makeup artists for Q.&A?
*At your own pace
*International school learn from any country
*Hands on feedback on makeup looks
*Multi touch technology platform learning
*Good for up to a year
*eBook included on all courses (not sold in stores)


How You Will Learn

As a young budding professional makeup artist who’s looking to establish a strong name in the beauty industry, the one thing you need to focus on is the right training that will help you enhance your makeup skills and enable you to make it big in the industry. There are a number of training courses that you could opt for, however it’s important to pick the right ones in order for you to learn the latest styles, techniques and tricks that will enable you to stand out from the rest of the competitors in the market.

Vizio – The Online Courses

Time is essential for any professional and there are a number of people who are looking to enhance their skills. It gets tough for working professionals to attend physical lectures since this means they might have to compromise on their work routine in order for them to attend lectures. Vizio is great choice for professionals since all the courses Vizio has to offer are online courses and one can log into their course as and when they like. This means a professional doesn’t have to adjust their daily routine or make adjustments in order to attend class. These courses are online and thus flexible which means one can choose to attend them at any time 24/7.
The Benefits Of Attending The Courses At Vizio
Every professional wants to learn from the experts in order to create those perfect red carpet looks and copy celebrity styles. Vizio offers flexible online training courses that help professionals learn various techniques, styles and tricks that will help them stand out from the rest and become the best at what they do. There are a number of courses including introductory makeup artistry all the way to advanced makeup artistry so that one can choose from in order to improve their skills. These courses are flexible and can be accessed from various platforms including a computer, laptop, tablet or a Smartphone and thus it becomes easy to take course. Students can go back and watch lessons they found tough and can learn at their own pace. These courses are valid for a year.
The training that these courses provide include celebrity feedback, which enables students to understand what they like, and the styles they prefer. Vizio is handled by some of the best professionals who’ve had firsthand experience with some of the biggest stars and thus they manage to guide students in the right way. All the courses include a chapter on marketing that enables young makeup artists to increase footfall and target elite clients. They are also let in on secrets that will enable them to get repeat clients. Vizio is a known academy and a training certification from this academy holds a lot of value in the market. Clients feel comfortable with makeup artists that are trained under such academies. All students are provided with a highly informative EBook that lets you in on some of the most guarded secrets of the makeup industry and helps you work in a way that will kill the competition.