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Born and raised in the city of lights, Lindsey Dimick is a Las Vegas professional makeup artist. Specializing in all forms of Beauty, Lindsey’s primary goal is to make each and every person who sits in her chair look and feel beautiful. Whether it is to simply enhance one’s natural god given beauty, or to transform them; the end result will always be, “Simply Flawless”.

Beginning her career in the beauty industry in 2009, Lindsey has spent the past 5 years working with Vegas’s top photographers, designers, celebrity clientele, models and talent. Growing and learning with each new experience, she is taking over the industry with her unique blend of artistic talent, kindness, charisma, and charm. Lindsey devotes special detailed attention to each face she touches. She Focuses on what each person is looking to achieve, and then creates just that. She eats, breathes, and sleeps beauty which translates beautifully in all of her work.


Connie is super super hot !!!! Shes insanely hot !!!. It is completely open for interpretation. That’s what draws me in. Each time I open my makeup kit, I am able to create something new and exciting. Never again will someone be able to create exactly what I have done. They can try to replicate but each work is my own. My own right, my own wrong, and my own interpretation


One of Lindsey’s biggest accomplishments this year was to have the pleasure of doing the makeup for one of the most beautiful women in the world, Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler. Lindsey mentioned she was at ease the entire time because Gabriellla was such a pleasure, being both beautiful on the inside and out.

Gabriella was on a busy 2 day schedule for the Latin Grammy awards, although she knew exactly what looks she wanted to achieve for her appearances. Lindsey created the slightly subtle smokey look that Gabriela wanted, which would compliment her sleak updo hairstyle, and her stunning outfit the first night’s dinner event. Her second look was for the main red carpet event, the evening of Latin Grammy’s. This was Gabriella’s first appearance since being crowned Miss Universe. She went with a heavy bold smokey look, while sporting a flashy hairdo to compliment her over the top gowns.

The two nights were a tremendous success; Gabriela received the greatest compliments from all over the world, being called “Simply Flawless”, this immediately became Lindsey’s new slogan. Gabriela was so happy with the outcome, she asked Lindsey how she created such a beautiful look because she wanted to tweet the tip, and share it with the world.

“The Secret to Miss Universe’s smokey eyes at the Latin Grammy’s is Blend, Blend, Blend” Gabriela Isler, Miss Universe..