Licensing Membership Opportunity

Are you ready to take your passion for makeup artistry to the next level? Have some fun and, at the same time, change lives.

When you become a Vizio makeup academy instructor, you’ll be able to teach others the art you have mastered, unleashing the makeup artist within!

Whether you teach a small class or a larger class… I make thousands of dollars per class!

Get certified with our online Vizio makeup academy instructor training program. We will teach you everything you need to know about organizing and running your own makeup classes successfully.

You will learn vizio makeup academy’s unique formula to teach your students the curriculum we have mastered for over a decade in the makeup industry. Properly teach your students… the color wheel, color correcting, foundation types and tones, face charts, highlighting and contouring, natural to smokey makeup looks, specialized bridal makeup, airbrushing, special effects makeup… and that’s just to name a few!

Instructors will have access to our exclusive Vizio makeup academy professional makeup kit, which includes everything your students will need to jumpstart their careers!

Your students will be excited to learn our most popular makeup looks… including the city glam, fashion bride, abstract, sterling, SFX zombie, and much more!

You will get a license to teach indefinitely. Now you can customize your own class with a variety of makeup looks to choose from.

As part of the Vizio makeup academy family, you will learn how to set up your makeup class anywhere. We will teach you all of the secrets behind creating successful makeup classes.

Receive access to our personalized marketing materials and a customized website to promote yourself and your classes. Book your classes solid using Facebook and Instagram ads. Promote yourself and your classes worldwide.

You’ll also have the chance to join the vizio makeup academy instructor network and a community of support.

When your students complete their class, you will be able to present them with our prestigious accredited certificate. Instructors will have the privilege of personally signing each certificate.

Your students will have unlimited access to vizio makeup academy’s online makeup courses. This is a great perk as students can go back and review everything they have learned in your live class.

Your students will have all access to Vizio makeup academy’s cosmetic partner discount programs.

Join the Vizio Makeup Academy family.
Now is the time to change lives.

So what are you waiting for? Become a Vizio Makeup Academy Instructor today!

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