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Why Us?

Online Interactive Learning Platform/No DVD's Individuals can study online at their own pace, anytime anywhere using any internet connected device. Students will receive a user ID and password to complete their course. There are no old fashioned DVD's to learn from. We teach through a highly interactive educational video based platform. All lessons can be paused and reviewed at any time. Instructors are available to assist student's through their learning process.

Payment Plans Available We offer two of the industry's top payment plan options. Earning a professional makeup artistry certification has now been made more affordable than ever.

Accredited Makeup Academy Vizio Makeup Academy is an accredited school with an outstanding reputation.

California Charter School Accreditation Vizio Makeup Academy is a proud partner of the California Charter Schools. We have developed a highly customized course syllabus and professional makeup kit for students. Charter school students earn credits as well as their professional certification upon completion.

BBB Accreditation Vizio Makeup Academy has an impeccible A+ rating with the prestigious BBB organization. We are very proud of our highly recommended reviews and outstanding reputation. Not only do we have 15 plus years in business, but we have great ratings and thousands of successful graduates worldwide.

Professional Makeup Discounts We work side by side with many of the industry's leading cosmetic brands. Students and graduates receive makeup discounts for cosmetic brands such as Urban Decay, MAC, ABH, Makeup Forever, Charlotte Tilbury and many more! Receive up to 60% off retail price on many of today’s professional cosmetic brands on the market!

Feature In Urban Decay Pro School Directory Vizio Makeup Academy is a proud partner of Urban Decay Cosmetics. We are featured in the Pro school directory on the UD website. Student's and graduates will receive a 40% discount upon enrollment.

Celebrity Instructors Students will learn from real Hollywood celebrity makeup artists. Our lead instructors have transformed the faces of individuals from all over the world. They have worked with numerous celebrities, and their talents have also been featured in the Oscars, The Grammy's, Miss USA, Vogue Magazine, Cover girl, Maybelline, Hollywood films, and many more! They will guide students every step of the way, give personalized feedback, and answer any questions throughout the course.

Official USA Trademark Vizio Makeup Academy is the only online makeup academy that has been officially trademarked through the USA government USPTO Trademark Office.

15+ Years in Business Vizio Makeup Academy has been in business for over 15 years. We are proud to have an outstanding reputation which has taken time, effort, an excellent student and graduate success rate, and thousands of positive reviews.

Pro Discounts By Leading Cosmetic Companies We know that a professional makeup artists makeup kit is their arsenal. Upon enrollment students will be able to apply for various pro cosmetic discounts from many approved cosmetic companies.

Unlimited Lifetime Course Access Individuals will have unlimited access to their course. Once the course has been completed, and students have graduated they will still have unlimited access to all future course content, which they can review over and over again.

Makeup Kits are Customized and Designed By Us The Vizio Makeup Academy team has spent over 8 years developing a highly customized pro makeup kit. Our highly pigmented colors and high quality formulas are essential for professional makeup artists. This pro makeup kit is not sold on the market, it is exclusive to Vizio Makeup Academy students.

Brush Sets Are Designed and Crafted By Us The Vizio Makeup Academy team has designed and crafted our high end soft makeup brush sets. Each set includes 24 brushes packed in a unique leatherette brush case. These brush set are high quality, they are not the low quality brush sets many of the other makeup schools include in their kits. We are also proud that our brushes are vegan, anti allergen, laser engraved, and made with the finest quality bristles on the market.

Affordable Tuition We offer a variety of professional makeup courses with various affordable prices.

Licensing Opportunity Vizio Makeup Academy now is selecting top graduates to open their own makeup schools in their own cities. Have you ever considered opening your own makeup school? We can guide you, and help you with a turn key business setup.

50,000+ Successful Graduates Worldwide With over 50,000 graduates worldwide, and thousands of successful professional Vizio Makeup Academy graduates working in the industry, its easy to see why we are number 1 in the industry.

Official Vizio Makeup Academy Instagram Following We are proud of our students and graduates, and love to post their accomplishments. Check out our Instagram to see more.

Pro Certification with Leatherette Folder, Official Golden Seal Upon graduating students will receive an exclusively customized professional makeup artistry certification. This is not a piece of paper that has been signed, like most other makeup schools offer. Many of the other makeup schools also include a generic seal with a folder. Our professional certification has a uniquely customized logo with leatherette folder. We include the Vizio Makeup Academy gold seal on each certificate. All graduates will receive a free certification upon graduation.


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