About Us Vizio Makeup Artist School

Individualized guidance in an online setting

Our goal at Vizio Makeup Academy is to encourage passionate individuals worldwide to strive for excellence in the makeup profession by cultivating and highlighting their natural skills and personality. In addition to providing complete makeup artistry training, we are delighted to offer students individualized guidance and instruction throughout their educational journey.

A future-focused organization

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the critical role that education and training play in helping makeup artists to develop their craft. We stay on top of technological advancements and cutting-edge makeup techniques. We aspire to help our students achieve success by providing them with the best education available in what has become a competitive industry.

We’ve put in the effort and hard work.

We’ve spent years developing our own pro-level makeup kit and brushes. This includes choosing formulations, high-quality pigments, identifying the makeup industry’s most sought-after colors, bristles, materials, and packaging, and incorporating all of this into our award-winning product line. We pride ourselves on being the world’s first and only makeup academy with its own line of quality makeup products.

Celebrating your success

Our greatest joy is seeing our alumni succeed as professional makeup artists and thrive in what has become a very competitive industry. Every time former students reach out to us to share their success stories, we know we’ve done our job right.

Breaking new ground

We are the world’s first and only makeup academy franchise. We enable established makeup artists to build careers and further their ambitions by starting their own makeup academy in any location.

We are excited to have you onboard and interested in teaching in-person live classes in your city. After you have completed our qualification approval process and our panel has accepted your application, you will start the instructor licensing course using the Vizio Makeup Academy brand. You will also have access to our secret formula to success and continued support to start teaching your makeup classes.

Contact us at info@makeuponlineschool.com for more information