Elite Makeup Course with FX


  • Introductory Makeup Course Included
  • Master Makeup Course Included
  • Premier Makeup Course Included
  • HD Professional Makeup Kit
  • Professional Makeup Brush Set
  • Unlimited Student Access
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist Feedback
  • eBook
  • History Of Makeup
  • How To Build Your Makeup Kit
  • How To Use Your Pro Makeup Brush Set
  • Choosing Foundations
  • Color Theory
  • Face Charts
  • Contour, Highlight, Blend
  • Classical Natural Makeup
  • Smokey Makeup
  • Runway Makeup
  • Editorial Makeup
  • Celebrity Makeup
  • Cleopatra Cat Eye Makeup
  • Vintage Makeup
  • 80's Glam Makeup
  • Men's Film Makeup
  • Learn Airbrush Tools
  • Learn Airbrush Makeup
  • SFX Makeup Collection
  • Marketing For Makeup Artist
  • Cosmetic Discounts
  • Certification

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Professional Makeup Kit included

Professional Makeup Kit


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HD Makeup Kit *Foundation/Counsealer Palette *Lip Palette *Highlight/Contour Palette *Eyeshadow Palette *Blush Palette. ($250 Value)

Professional Brush Set 24pc Anti Allergenic, Laser Engraved, Aluminum Handles, No Aminal Hair, Black Case Included. ($399 Value)

Desktop / Laptop / Smartphone / Tablet

Celebrity Makeup Artists Feedback

Unlimited Access


History of Makeup

How To Build Pro Makeup Kit

How To Use 24 Pro Brush Set

Choosing Foundation

Color Theory

Face Charts

Contour, Highlight & Blend

Face Structure

Natural Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup

Pro Cosmetic Discounts

Brush Sanitizing

Sanitation Guidelines

Eyeliner Techniques

Blending Techniques

Runway Makeup

Editorial Makeup

Hollywood Celebrity Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

Vintage Makeup

80s Makeup

Mens Makeup

Learn Airbrush Tools

Airbrush Application

Lip Liner Techniques

Eye Shadow Colors | Layering

Eyebrow Shaping

False Eyelash Application

10 Must Know Hollywood Celebrity Makeup Artist Tips

Foundation Types | Top Picks

Makeup Products Top Picks

Blush | Lipstick For Various Skin Tones

Special SFX Makeup LOOKS

Fake Blood Makeup

Latex Techniques

Zombie Makeup Look

Makeup Artist Marketing / Social

Professional Certification







Become a SFX makeup artist

Learn SFX Makeup Looks as seen on Faceoff

Elite Makeup Course with Special FX

Are you an aspiring makeup artist? To be a great makeup artist is a stunning profession because you have the skills and capacity to make someone look good by means of using your makeup products. Combining makeup shades and colors that suit to someone’s complexion and facial features require expertise so that you’ll meet and satisfy needs and wants of your clients. If you really want to improve your skills on applying makeup then it is highly recommended that you enroll in a makeup school.

Yes, there are makeup academic institutions today that teach techniques and professional ways of applying makeup. One leading and best makeup artist school in the country is VIZIO Makeup Academy. By means of enrolling at VIZIO Makeup Academy, you’ll get an elite professional makeup course so that you can continually improve your skills and knowledge on applying makeup. VIZIO Makeup Academy is considered as a reliable and best makeup artist school in the country. One of the best makeup courses offered by VIZIO Makeup Academy is Elite Makeup Course with Special FX.
What is Elite Makeup Course with Special FX?

Students who want to study that art of using makeup products have several makeup courses to choose from. Elite Makeup Artistry Course with Special FX is one of the leading makeup courses offered by VIZIO Makeup Academy. Enrolling to this makeup artist is indeed a great way for you to improve your skills and knowledge when it comes on applying makeup.

Elite Makeup  Course with Special FX is a great and excellent makeup course that will enable you to learn more on this craft. Elite Makeup  Course with Special FX suits to people who want to learn almost everything about makeup artistry. This makeup course is highly recommended to people who are already in the makeup artistry industry who want to learn more makeup techniques and styles. No doubt that it is a great idea to enroll at Elite Makeup Course with Special FX.

Elite Makeup Course with Special FX includes wide range of sub topics and lesson. It is a complete makeup course that starts from tackling introductory makeup artistry lessons up to the advanced makeup artistry. It includes lessons on using airbrush makeup, effects, FX mastery and many more. Elite Makeup Course with Special FX is a VIP makeup artistry course. All students who will enroll to this makeup artistry course will get Elite Pro Makeup Kit.

The Elite Pro Makeup Kit that you will receive includes different makeup tools such as elite silk 20 PC HD Brush Set, HD Makeup Kit,  You are also entitled to receive ebook edition for student. The ebook contains lessons that will help you understand well the makeup artistry. After the course, you are expected to learn more about history of makeup, choosing best makeup kit, color theory, choosing correct foundation, the Cleopatra cat eye look and many more.
So, if you are interested then you must not hesitate to consult VIZIO Makeup Academy. Feel free to contact VIZIO Makeup Academy.