How Much do Makeup Artists Make for a Smart Living

If you are a keen artist and have a knack for creating stunning looks, think of becoming a makeup artist. This profession is on the rise. In the past seven to eight years, the demand for makeup artists has increased in many folds.  And when you know how much do makeup artists make, you would happily get ready to join a makeup academy and grab a certificate. Actually, the earnings of a makeup artist are satisfying and the industry is constantly expanding to include new expertise. Do you know that prosthetic makeup is a recent addition to this skill? A few decades prosthetic makeup was not even known. But, today you have a wide array of makeup expertise that you can excel in.

How much do makeup artists make

Makeup Artists Approx Earnings

Now, to the core of our topic that how much do makeup artists make. Of course, they earn a handsome amount of cash based on their location qualification, experience, location, expertise, and makeup category. Let us discuss the variation in the earning of makeup artists accordingly:

Makeup Artists at Different Locations

How much do makeup artists make in New York or California? Does the difference of location really affect their earning? Yes, the location of a makeup artist can be a big factor in the rise or fall of numbers in his salary. Since makeup is more popular among celebrities, a New York-based artist will earn more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011, New York makeup artists earned $93,390 annually. Meanwhile, a California based makeup artist earned $73, 240 per year. The wages of a makeup artist in Texas were $42, 650. The average salary of a makeup artist in Australia is $53,000 per year.

Makeup Artists with More Experience

Makeup is a skill that becomes better each time you practice. That is why people with long experience tend to earn more cash. In fact, celebrities search for those artists who have garnered more positive reviews and a better rating. A makeup artist with 10 to 20 years of experience earns $21.00 to $25.00 an hour. Moreover, they have the opportunity to become a freelance makeup artist if they like to. In this case, they can fix their own rates and style of work.  This is an absolutely strong chance to earn better like $3000 to $4000 per day. Additionally, as a freelance makeup artist, you can sign a contract or set your deals or add to your expertise at an extra rate, etc.

Makeup Artists with Better Qualifications

Qualified makeup artists are several steps ahead of unqualified artists. In fact, modern makeup academies offer the latest makeup certificate courses. These courses contain new techniques and skills to make this art more stunning and beautiful.  The popular saloons and famous makeup artists prefer to offer work to certified artists at better salaries. Therefore, consider the qualification of a makeup artist before finding out how much do makeup artists make.

How much do makeup artists make

Makeup artists, who strategically plan their career, attend more than one makeup courses. This gives them stronger control over their job and better position to earn a handsome amount of cash. In fact, modern makeup courses are easy and hassle-free as you can learn online and practice in real life.

Types of Makeup Artists

When you calculate how much do makeup artists make, consider the type of makeup they offer. In fact, makeup varies in its types. There is bridal makeup, party makeup, photographic and media makeup, celebrity makeup, creative makeup, etc. There is a slight difference in the earnings of the above-mentioned types of makeup art. The reason is demand and market price. For example, bridal makeup is more expensive but the opportunity of applying bridal makeup is not as frequent. Party makeup candidates are more than brides but the charges for party makeup are lower. Hence, in the end, the average earning totals to two different sums for two separate makeup services.

Earning a smart income from your career of makeup depends on the type of expertise you excel in. If you find an opportunity to work at an entertainment company, you will earn more by being a photographic and media makeup artist.

Freelance Makeup Artist Earnings

Freelance makeup artists can manage high earnings if they can plan their careers wisely. Working as your own boss gives you the opportunity to set your own rates. In fact, you can create different categories of your services. Setting deals and packages is another way to offer certain options with the rates that you like.

However, you need to understand that setting your own rates needs you to accurately price your services. Setting your price too high can affect your clientele and you people may not choose you often because your services are two pricy. On the other hand, if you lower your price slightly lower than the market; this will still affect your clientele. People would doubt your skills and expertise seeing your price lower than the market rates. Understand that there is a fine line between the two levels of rates – low and high.

How much do makeup artists make

Other Factors Influencing Earnings

Other factors that can make a real difference in your earning as a makeup artist vary. We have listed the top most influential factors here for you:

  • Your style of advertising makes your business either more successful or slower. You can reach more clients and in a way that they would like to come to you for your better services. For this, you need to use social media marketing and your personal social connections. By starting a modern advertising campaign, you can lift the bar of your earnings. In fact, social media marketing is the most successful and cheapest marketing method these days.
  • Your business attitude has a long-lasting influence on your clients. Offering people a cleaner and calmer environment, more comfort, and quality products is a sure sign of success. Moreover, keep your way of dealing with your clients highly gentle, well-mannered, and friendly. This would attract more people to come to your salon.

How much do makeup artists make in earning depends on their personal strategy of working and planning! So, keep updating your knowledge, skills, and strategy!