How much Money Does a Makeup Artist Make in Different Times

When you come to plan your future, you check the possible professions available for you. There are some key factors in each profession that you should consider. One of the key factors that you need to consider is how lucrative is a certain job. Among many different professions that appeal to you is the profession of a makeup artist. No doubt, this is a successful modern profession that has a great future scope.  In fact, after the expansion of media and photography makeup artist has become a popular profession. Now, you must be wondering how much money does a makeup artist make! The average earning of a makeup artist depends on his skills, area of expertise, and location of his job.how much money does a makeup artist make

How Much Money Does a Makeup Artist Make?

First of all, you need to finalize what skill of makeup art you want to excel in. To a great extent, it depends on your passion. Mostly, doing what you are passionate about is the best thing to do. So, check what you love the most. Maybe you have a great affection for horror movies. Hence, you love to indulge in creating horrifying features of humans. In this case, the best profession for you can be a special effects makeup artist. You will work with production companies. Moreover, your work will be mostly with the characters of horror movies and less frequently with other genres of films. Also, when injuries, accidents, and scars are involved in the story of a movie, a special effect makeup artist is needed.  So, how much money does a makeup artist make? The latest statistics reveal that the average salary of a makeup artist is $72,000 a year in the USA.

How Much Money Does a Makeup Artist Make Freelancing?

Many makeup artists work as freelance artists. They fix their rates and set a certain legal framework for their services. The entertainment industry, individuals, and makeup specialists hire them. This flexibility of work and setting the price can have positive effects on their income, especially when they have a clear framework for their services. A freelancing makeup artist is becoming popular now as companies can hire them to work on the base of contracts for special projects. This is better than working on a salary full time for a company.

how much money does a makeup artist make

Freelance makeup artists have the opportunity to work for more than one company and earn a good amount of cash. This is especially true with highly skilled and experienced special effects makeup artists. So, how much money does a makeup artist make freelancing? In New York, the average salary of a freelance makeup artist is $54,615. The reason why the chances of higher-earning are bright for the freelancer is the variety of projects and different budget ranges of clients. Hence, every client agrees at different rates for his project.

How much money does a Makeup Artist Make in a Day?

If you come to count the earning of a makeup artist in a day, you will see that he can make $1,000 to $3,000 a day if he is offering high-end makeup services. It is worth to mention here that an artist’s salary greatly depends on his qualifications. In the past, the experience and specific style would determine a makeup artist’s earnings. But, now there are makeup academies that offer makeup courses and training. These courses enable you to earn a degree or certificate which adds to your credentials. Additionally, accredited certificates of makeup courses are of higher value. So, when you are planning for your future career and worry about how much money does a makeup artist make, search for an accredited makeup academy online.

how much money does a makeup artist make

Updating skills and Qualifications Can Enhance Your Earnings

When you come to think about earning a good income from working as a makeup artist, plan wisely. The most important is to add to your qualifications whenever you have an opportunity. An essential makeup course online can update your skills according to the current technical and product based improvement. No doubt, your experience has a great value but in view of the fast changes taking place in the industry, it is imperative now to keep on adding to your qualifications also. So, when you estimate how much money does a makeup artist make, keep in mind that the earnings can increase if you add to your skills.

Working with Beauty Salons

Do you think steering your way alone in the industry can be challenging? It is demanding especially when you are starting your business. And how much money does a makeup artist make at the start? Of course, at the start, your earnings may not be very high but this is natural with every business.  You can start your career at a beauty salon where there are other senior makeup artists are also working. This experience of teamwork can definitely help you earn a better income and a better reputation. This becomes valuable when you choose a popular beauty salon at a prominent location in your city. In fact, your target is to know the industry from close and become a well-known makeup artist for your clients. This will have significant positive effects on your career when you will set your business alone or start freelancing as a makeup artist.

how much money does a makeup artist make

Find your Way to the Top Positions

Do you know that working for celebrity clientele is more promising in terms of earning? Yes, this is absolutely true that there are certain top posts in the profession of makeup artists that offer you lucrative jobs. Hence, serving for the beauty needs of celebrities can be a turning point in your professional life. You cannot imagine now how many levels your salary can go higher (like earning a 100k a year) when you start working for celebrities. Actually, the success opportunities start coming to your door. So, you can sign product endorsement deals, make your YouTube channel, write your own book of some amazing facts you experienced, advertise for high-profile makeup brands. These bonus points can actually double your income as a makeup artist.