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Vizio Makeup Academy’s 7-palette collection professional makeup kit has been uniquely designed using the highest quality pigments and formulations. With our unique and diligent approach to makeup artistry, including our focus on education, we have carefully selected each color in the makeup kit to provide what is essential for makeup artists while considering the most popular colors and trends amongst professional makeup artists and influencers the industry.


The eye shadow color LILLAC was named by one of the most renowned makeup artists in the industry, Francesca Tolot. The refined quality of her craft, paired with her fine arts background, has led her to create unforgettable moments on film, video, print, and runways worldwide. Her makeup brushes have touched the faces of stars such as (NAMES) and been featured in Vogue, Elle, Vanity fair, and hundreds of other publications. In fact, she has partnered with Beyoncé and is responsible for the makeup looks in 40 of Beyoncé’s videos. The author of One Woman 100 faces, Francesca, is a great inspiration to our students, graduates, and everyone who sees her creations.  


The eye shadow color “No Rules” was named by Lifetime’s Glam Master winner and influencer Argenis Pinal. Argenis has been featured in numerous magazines and recently collaborated with Kim Kardashian West on an exclusive collection of crème color sticks for KKW Beauty. Argenis is always evolving and mastering his craft; his work is breathtaking as he creates and focuses on SFX characters and optical illusions. He tells us he “loves to inspire others,” and we admire him and his work. 


The name “Charter” was chosen in recognition of the leading charter schools in California that Vizio Makeup Academy has been accredited by. We are proud to be part of a movement that serves all students, families, and communities, with a special spirit to provide underserved and vulnerable students with the high-quality public education they deserve. Vizio Makeup Academy is honored to guide and teach high school teens the beautiful world of makeup artistry, and together we aim to inspire and lead by example. 

There are over 100 names in our collection, each chosen by someone special, loved and honored. Each name tells a story; each name has a deeper meaning. The names in this collection represent a wide variety of emotions, achievements, motivations, and even hidden meanings linked to prized memories. When you read a name within one of our palettes, you will wonder what the story behind the name is. 


We aim to inspire individuals worldwide to use their creativity and imagination to design makeup looks in their own original way. Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes, having fun, and always remembering that “there are no rules in makeup artistry!”