Makeup Artist Salary You Can Expect to Collect Per Year

When it comes to the earnings of makeup artists, several factors interfere. You cannot just imagine a specific amount as a makeup artist salary and decide to become a makeup artist. So, study the salary charts of different makeup artists in the industry and know the differences. You should also know the reasons that have a strong influence on the salary range of different makeup artists. It is good that you become aware of the latest calculations at the time of taking a decision about your future career. This type of informed decision always puts you at ease later when you start stepping in the field of jobs.

makeup artist salary

Makeup Artist Salary in Different Countries

According to some studies done in the year 2017, the average salary of a makeup artist in the US is $71,000 per year. But, your location in the USA and your expertise has a big influence on your salary. For example, if you are working in an entertainment company as a celebrity makeup artist, your salary may be around $125,000 per year.

The salary of a makeup artist in Australia can be anywhere between $35,000 and $105,000 per year. But, the salary differs because of the experience of an artist or the company he works in. Hence, the average salary is $35,000 a year.

The makeup artist salary in Canada can be somewhere between $22,000 per year and $65,000 per year. So, you can expect to earn an average salary of around $37,000 per year.

However, the salary of makeup artists in the UK can be as low as US $16,000 to US $47,000 per year. Again your location, experience, expertise, and level of qualification affect the level of your salary.

makeup artist salary

Makeup Artist Salary Vary with Certain Factors

There are several factors that have a big role in keeping your salary in the low range or making it high. If you are a starter, you have zero experience of working at a salon previously. Hence, you will get a low-paying job. You still need to build an impressive profile to steer your way to the top levels.

The factors that we are counting here are just the most-known factors. In fact, your personal factors that only you know can be the most influential factors to raise your salary or keep it low. Maybe you are an active and energetic worker at your workplace. Your social behavior is superb. You are open to new ideas and learn fast. You have all the signs to climb up the stairs in your profession fast. However, your opposite personality can be the biggest obstacle in the way of your progress.

Your Experience Matters

This is very simple to understand. A makeup artist with 10-years of experience proves a higher level of skills and expertise. Definitely, he earns more than someone with 2-years of experience. So, makeup artist salary increases with his experience. Even if you do not spend any extra effort in enhancing your salary, the fact that you are practicing the skills is enough to increase your salary.

Makeup Artist Industry has Effects

What is your makeup industry? Are you a bridal makeup artist or work at a retail makeup counter? A makeup counter artist earns a small salary while a bridal makeup artist earns higher. The same is the case with makeup artists working in the industry of film and TV. They earn higher salary especially when they work for celebrities.

makeup artist salary

Location of a Makeup Artist

When you work in a big city with diverse cultures and a dynamic lifestyle, you will earn more as a makeup artist. Take the example of Sydney and Los Angeles. How much do you think makeup artist salary in Los Angeles?  Actually, the average salary is $49,000 a year while the high salary range is above $232,000 per year. In fact, these cities are booming with film and TV industries. But, that does not mean that you cannot earn a high salary in a small town. In fact, a makeup artist with some rare makeup expertise can be the only makeup professional to turn to. Hence, he earns a smart salary because his services are in demand!


Qualifications of a Makeup Artist

Makeup artists who are qualified professionals and have accredited certificates of some modern makeup courses always get higher salaries. Employers look for makeup artists with more qualifications. They offer them better salary packages to offer them a comfortable working experience. So, if you have not planned to get into a modern makeup course, search for a good makeup academy online and check the details of the courses on offer.

Other Ways to Increase Your Earning

It is not the salary only that counts for a good makeup artist. You can consider other perks that you get from your employer. You may get discount offers to buy makeup products of your choice. Or maybe you get a chance to learn more skills at the hands of a veteran makeup professional and earn a certificate. You know that having a certificate of more skills is always a bonus to count.  So, consider all the perks you get from a job when you think of your earnings.

makeup artist salary

Makeup Artist Salary Working as a Freelancer

Freelance makeup artists earn a higher salary because they are the ones who fix the rates and receive all the payments. You may need to do some extra work like providing your salon all the instruments and makeup kits. You also need to pay good attention to the décor and lighting of your salon so that your clients feel good to come to you.

Specializing in Makeup Skills

If you are thinking of a makeup artist’s salary, try to focus on your specialization and earn a certificate in some high-value skills like special effects makeup. Having some extra skills will give you an edge over the other makeup artists. Even some complementary skills like applying Hena or hairstyling can add to your expertise.  With these higher-level skills, you can make a highly influential portfolio. Work on making your portfolio in a professional way. This can convince new employers very easily. You can definitely find higher-paying jobs.