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Anastasia Andreani


Esthetician / Makeup Artist / BBA

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For more than a decade, Anastasia Andreani has been transforming lives and careers through her renowned beauty school – Vizio Makeup Academy.

Based in Laguna Niguel, California, she is an entrepreneur with many hats; not only is the multi-talented makeup artist knowledgeable of business and investing strategies, and she is also proudly running her academy! With such ambition comes excellent results – allowing aspiring artists to reach their professional dreams.


From humble beginnings in Chicago, co-founder CEO Anastasia Andreani has been able to create something truly special. With the help of her esteemed staff and their collective expertise within the cosmetics industry, Vizio Makeup Academy was born, a platform allowing aspiring makeup artists worldwide to learn creative techniques and hone their skills.

With business degrees, esthetician licenses, and professional certifications under her belt – Anastasia’s vision is becoming a reality by transforming minds through beauty education!

Beauty Industry Journey

Anastasia embarked on her journey in the beauty industry two decades ago, taking a leap of faith to pursue freelance makeup artistry for weddings and other special occasions. Since then she has become an icon inspiring generations with her creativity and passion.

As a successful businesswoman, Anastasia co-founded and launched Vizio Makeup Academy in 2011 to further her love of makeup. The school offers a thorough curriculum that covers every facet and data of the makeup artistry industry, from fundamental methods to cutting-edge special effects makeup.

Anastasia andreani working with her students and staff via zoom

Passion for Work

Anastasia is an acclaimed makeup artist, well-respected for her expertise and commitment to creativity. She has won accolades from various industries and publications – including Allure, Glamour, and Vogue – all thanks to a passion that fuels remarkable results.

Her exceptional teaching style brings out the best in students seeking her guidance; she takes them on inspirational journeys where their true artistic potential can shine!

Anastasia Andreani special effects makeup looks

Vizio Makeup Academy

Because of Anastasia’s unwavering commitment to offering excellent instruction and information, her academy is recognized and consistently receives positive feedback.

To guarantee that her students obtain the most outstanding education possible, her institution collaborates closely with California Charter schools and other experts in the beauty sector.

Vizio Makeup Academy has grown to be one of the most reputable beauty schools in the business under – the named Anastasia Andreani’s direction. The Vizio Makeup Academy staff of knowledgeable Instructors is dedicated to giving students information and abilities.

Vizio Makeup Academy Kit high-pigmented colors

Professional Makeup Kit

CEO Anastasia Andreani, professional makeup artist and esthetician at Vizio Makeup Academy, has crafted an exquisite multipurpose 7-palette line for beauty enthusiasts and Anastasia Andreani students and graduates to look limitless. Bursting with premium pigment-rich hues, this kit provides a classic combination of colors and the newest shades in demand – perfect for getting dolled up or going over the top!

Get ready to share your glamorous showstopping looks everywhere, from Instagram stories to client meetings, when you purchase Anastasia’s exclusive palette, only available at Vizio Makeup Academy.

Anastasia Andreani and Husband Alfredo Andreani

Life & Family

She’s an inspiring example of what women can achieve when pursuing their passions and dreams. She is a successful businesswoman and created a successful business with her partner and husband Alfredo, and ensured that her son named Alan, was raised with strong values and good taste in entrepreneurship along the way!

When not busy running ideas for Vizio Makeup Academy, she loves exploring different cultures – galleries filled with artwork enthralling enough for any avid traveler truly captivate them all during family travels together.

The couple even devotes time off schedules to visit museums to absorb knowledge on various civilizations while growing ever closer through shared experiences! Sources they need to thrive in the cutthroat field of makeup artistry

Anastasia Andreani Instagram

Instagram Page

Tap into your creative side and get inspired by Anastasia Andreani’s unbelievable journey! Follow Vizio Makeup Academy on its Instagram page (@viziomakeupacademyofficial) for an abundance of content that will help you unleash your imagination, from makeup tips to lifestyle advice.

With her expertise acquired at many of events worldwide and unparalleled wisdom in the beauty world, it is no surprise CEO Anastasia continues to mentor a new generation through the Vizio Makeup Academy – helping them achieve their goals with guidance and encouragement.


Beauty icon named Anastasia Andreani brings her impressive industry experience to the table as an inspirational mentor, helping upcoming makeup artists to realize their potential and bringing out the glamor within. Her global reach through events worldwide at Vizio Makeup Academy provides a platform for aspirants in this field from across the world to follow their dreams.

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