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Makeup Courses

HD Makeup Kit *SFX Paint/Correction Palette *Foundation/ Correction Palette *Powder/Highlight/Contour Palette *Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Palette *Eyeshadow Palette. *Blush Palette. *Lip Palette. ($699 Value)

Professional Brush Set 24pc Anti Allergenic, Laser Engraved, Aluminum Handles, No Animal Hair, Black Case Included. ($399 Value)

Desktop / Laptop / Smartphone / Tablet

Celebrity Makeup Artists Feedback

Unlimited Access


History of Makeup

How To Build Pro Makeup Kit

How To Use 24 Pro Brush Set

Choosing Foundation

Color Theory

Face Charts

Contour, Highlight & Blend

Face Structure

Natural Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup

Pro Cosmetic Discounts

Brush Sanitizing

Sanitation Guidelines

Eyeliner Techniques

Blending Techniques

Runway Makeup

Editorial Makeup

Hollywood Celebrity Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup

Vintage Makeup

80s Makeup

Mens Makeup

Learn Airbrush Tools

Airbrush Application

Lip Liner Techniques

Eye Shadow Colors | Layering

Eyebrow Shaping

False Eyelash Application

10 Must Know Hollywood Celebrity Makeup Artist Tips

Foundation Types | Top Picks

Makeup Products Top Picks

Blush | Lipstick For Various Skin Tones

Special SFX Makeup LOOKS

Fake Blood Makeup

Latex Techniques

Zombie Makeup Look

Makeup Artist Marketing / Social

Professional Certification






Makeup Courses

At Vizio Makeup Academy, we bring you the divine opportunities to bring out the hidden artist in yourself by offering the greatest online makeup education you can get. COURSES OFFERED BY VIZIO MAKEUP ACADEMY are known to be the most elite online make up school in the United States of America and considered to be the world leaders in this case.

When it comes to a variety of courses, we have them all. Want to be a part of us? All you have to do is register on our website, complete any course of your choice which suits you best and evolve into a certified make-up artist! Following are the list of courses offered by us:

  • Introductory Makeup Course
  • Master Makeup Course
  • Premier Makeup Course
  • Elite Makeup Course (along with SFX)

Still don’t know what to choose from? Don’t worry with an explanation of the Vizio Makeup School Course Comparison chart above, you will not have any trouble choosing the best option for yourself! Here’s what you need to know:

Introductory Makeup Course:
 In this 20-hour course, we give you the opportunity to study from anywhere, anytime you want. You can study through any device such as a laptop, a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. You will be able to get the feedback of our Celebrity Makeup artists, including unlimited access to our eBooks. You will learn the history of makeup, how to construct a Pro Makeup Kit, how to use the Pro Brush Set, color theory, face charts, etc. You will also be taught how to choose foundation, and the processes of contouring, highlighting and blending makeup including the natural and smokey eye makeup and so much more such as face structure, professional cosmetic discounts, brush sanitizing guidelines and eyeliner techniques.

Master Makeup Course:
In this 65-hour course, along with everything from the Introductory Makeup Course, you also get access to an HD Makeup Kit. You learn how to do runway, editorial, Hollywood celebrity makeup, etc. You are also taught styles such as cat-eye makeup, 80s makeup and vintage makeup. You also get involved in MUA marketing and socialization.

Premier Makeup Course:
In this 150-hour course, along with everything from the aforementioned two courses, you also get access to the Pro Brush Kit, learning the art of men’s makeup, airbrush tools and application, techniques of lip liner and eye shadow colors and layers.

Elite Makeup Course:
Being one our best, this 220-hour course offers you everything you can ever think of and so much more. You get to choose between the HD Makeup Kit and Pro Brush Kit. You learn eyebrow shaping, application of false eyelashes, tips of Hollywood Celebrity Makeup, types of foundations and other makeup products and the top picks. You also learn about applying blush and lipsticks for different skin tones. And the best part is that you learn the art of Special SFX Makeup!

After completion of any of these courses, you achieve professional MUA certification.
So, what’re you waiting for? Apply now once you choose the best course for yourself with the above explanation of the Vizio Makeup School Course Comparison chart.