Tips for Contouring Various Face Shapes

Latest Tips for Contouring Various Face Shapes

Contouring for various face shapes is nothing new. However, the most recent trends go an extra step to make face shapes look more beautiful than ever. These are some of the latest tips that are not overly dramatic to enhance various shapes of faces. The most common shapes are oval, square, round, long and diamond face shapes. Below is a guideline on what professional celebrity makeup artists are doing currently to keep famous faces extra glamorous and captivating.

Square Face

As you know, contouring is all about enhancing various features to get the best look. Square faces have a ‘boxy’ appearance where their jaw line is less pointed. Professional makeup artists are softening the perimeters to reduce this feel to look more oval. The illusion of a rounder face is being created using a dark foundation which is blended into the hairline to the top of the neckline using a setting brush. Using a sculpting brush, the foundation is worked to the lower corners of the jaw. Contouring this face type will also require creating the illusion of a wider cheekbone and bigger eyes. This can be easily done by using a lighter shade of concealer in the triangle between the eyes. This is done using a concealer brush. Using a pinky-brown blush, sweep under the apples of your cheeks with an upward movement. This will help make the cheeks rounder and softer.

Oval Face

Professional makeup artists still acknowledge that the oval shape is the most ideal because of its symmetry. In this regard, it is easy to contour this face by just enhancing the features that are already there. To define this appearance, a slight perimeter of the face contour will do. This is done by enhancing with a darker shade the forehead, temple as well as jaw line. A matte bronzer will do together with a buffing brush. Then, the cheekbone is enhanced using a sculpting brush just under the cheeks. The powder or cream used should be about 2 to 3 shades darker than the skin tone. These are the tricks being used for this shape.

Round Face

The contouring of this shape involves using tricks to elongate the overall look. To create the illusion of a more angular look, use a foundation and then use cream or powder foundation that is darker to contour below the cheekbones. This will be ideal as you work towards the outer chin. A great way that make up artists are creating length on this face type is by highlighting the upper side of the chin. This is the area right below the middle of your lower lip. Using a lighter shade foundation, a soft highlight with a fan brush will do the trick. Finally, draw the attention upward by highlighting the corners of the eyes using a fan brush and a light powder.

Long Face

The reason to contour this face is to make the long appearance softer by widening the face. A simple way to do this is to ‘sink’ an area on the forehand, under the cheeks as well as the tip of the chin. Use a darker foundation powder together with a setting brush to achieve this. Sinking these areas will change the overall look to hide elongated features for enhanced beauty.

Diamond Face

This face has the widest cheekbones and the chin is a bit pointy. The forehead has narrow hairline and to enhance this face, the key is to provide a good balance in the features. Contour a bit under the cheekbones as well as on the forehead. This will be to make sure the forehead appears wider than the cheekbones. Widen the chin by highlighting the edges with a lighter color and then sinking just a bit of the tip of the chin using a darker color. This will provide vital balance for the diamond face. This is the newest way to employ contouring to achieve the ultimate look on any face.