Free Makeup Tutorials Online

If you want to pursue a career as a makeup artist, you have to practice. It’s important to learn about makeup and follow makeup tutorials to enhance your skills. Makeup tutorials are videos that show different techniques of makeup and help you to learn new tricks. These are also helpful to understand the basics. If you want to learn makeup from free makeup tutorials online, there are a few things that you must know. 

Free Makeup Tutorials Online

Where Can You Watch Free Makeup Tutorials Online?

Thanks to the technical advancements, you can just stream free makeup tutorials online by using your internet. There are many platforms where content creators and makeup artists often post different kinds of makeup tutorials. The most famous platform is Youtube, where you can find hundreds of makeup tutorials and try to follow them. YouTube is a free platform, so you don’t need to pay for this. 

Can Free Makeup Tutorials Online Replace Online Makeup Courses?

Not at all. If you are thinking that you can be a professional makeup artist by learning from free makeup tutorials online, you can be wrong. You can only get the concept of makeup and an overall idea about different makeup techniques. For being proficient, you need to know the basics and the details of every technique and it can’t be possible without a professional course. 

How Are Online Makeup Courses Better Than Free Makeup Tutorials Online? 

You can have an online makeup course from a reliable online institute and learn about makeup. It is totally different from the free makeup tutorials online that you can stream on YouTube and other platforms. Let’s see how online makeup courses are more useful.


It is the most obvious point on the list. If you are learning makeup from free makeup tutorials online, you’ll not get professional certification. In this highly competitive market, you’ll need a professional certificate or certificate of excellence to shine bright. To kickstart your career as a makeup artist is an essential component. Clients always prefer artists who are trained by a reliable, professional institute. Previously, it was an option, but now, it has become a need. 

The Details

The free tutorials mostly focus on the results, not on the details. On the other hand, to become perfect, you need to know about every step in detail. You need to know how different types of makeup products work and how you can create different looks from them. In the process, every detail is important and you can only learn them from a professional course, not from the free YouTube videos.

Free Can Be Fake 

There are hundreds ( better say thousands) of makeup tutorials on Youtube and other streaming platforms, but in most cases, they are fake. You can’t say that social media is a genuine platform; no one can say that. While streaming free online tutorials, content creators don’t always show what they are actually using to have a look. In most of cases, they already do the base makeup from before. It is next to impossible to learn from these types of videos that can mislead you completely. In the field, a single wrong practice can ruin your whole career. That’s why it is always advised not to be dependent on free makeup tutorials. On the other hand, makeup courses are way more reliable and original so that you can learn from them. 

The Base Makeup

If you often watch the free makeup tutorials online, then you would know that most of the time they skip the base part. The base makeup is the most important part of makeup and if you don’t know it well, you can’t ever be perfect. If you know the base makeup well, you can recreate any look and even you can create your own look. Online courses give special attention to the base makeup so that you can learn the best. 

You May Have To Lurk Around 

As we’ve said earlier, there are hundreds or thousands of makeup tutorials available on online platforms that you can stream for free. So, if you have to start learning makeup from scratch ( No matter how much you are skilled on your own, you have to start from the starting point. Your skills are your privileges), from which video would you start? And after that, which video should you watch? Which step do you have to search for after that? Which artist can you rely on? After going through all these questions, you must start feeling confused already. It is the actual scenario of free online tutorials. 

You don’t know which step to learn after which step or where to start, or whom to believe. On the other hand, online courses offer step-by-step guidance to students so that they don’t have to lurk across the internet trying to find a suitable video. 

Free Platforms Don’t Help To Know Your Preferences 

For being successful, you have to be clear about your preferences. You have to choose your niche and work on it to develop your skills. Where professional online courses help you to understand yourself better, free videos can mess you up. 

Buy A Makeup Kit On Your Own

For being professional, you must have a professional makeup kit with all the makeup products. Hence, you have to buy a huge range of branded and expensive makeup products on your own if you are willing to learn from free videos. For a beginner, this can be a huge headache. On the other hand, most of online courses offer branded makeup kits to students to start their journey. You can get your beginners’ kit free. 

Say No To Free Makeup Tutorials Online And Join A Reliable Institute

To succeed in the field, you have to join a reliable makeup course and learn every aspect of makeup. You can join the Vizio Makeup Academy for a world-class experience of learning makeup. Besides high class and detailed learning, you can get a world-class makeup kit from the institute. To know more, visit us now.