Professional Makeup Videos YouTube

Do you want to learn more about professional makeup videos youtube? The makeup industry has created a lot of career options. For instance, did you know that as a makeup artist you can be successful on YouTube? Well, you can. There are a lot of successful Youtubers that have created a career with posting makeup and makeup related videos on YouTube. They have been able to gather a lot of fans who stream them every day and learn from them.

professional makeup videos youtube

We will be focusing majorly on the kind of beauty videos that easily go far on YouTube.

Fashion or professional makeup videos youtube

When it comes to beauty and fashion videos on YouTube, the best kind are collection videos. Most of these successful YouTube makeup artists get their subscribers by gathering personal styles. Most subscribers prefer these videos because it inspires them on how to create their styles too.

DIY professional makeup videos youtube

Most Youtubers tend to surprise their subscribers by doing the unusual. They go out of their comfort zone to make DIY videos. These videos comprise mainly some easy creativity on personal makeup. Furthermore, subscribers are drawn to these kinds of videos because it gives them something new to do.

Videos on Favorites

These kinds of videos don’t come often but once in a while on the YouTuber’s page. It is mainly a video made to educate subscribers about their favorite products and tools. Most times subscribers tune in because of the recommendations. These videos are extremely entertaining most times.

Get ready with me youtube makeup videos

These are one of the most fun YouTube makeup videos available. Most subscribers are attracted to these videos because of what it entails. They get very excited because they are basically watching the makeup artist get ready for an extended event. Apparently, these are things that draw subscribers to your page.

Makeup Haul Videos

Basically, this is where the makeup artist comes to shine. They literally show off all their wares on these videos. Also, this is just another way to get your fans excited about your videos.

Style guide

This is where the makeup artist has a chance to teach subscribers the different kinds of styles that work for some occasions in particular. Basically what happens here is that the YouTuber would put on a particular makeup style and base it on a theme or an event.

First Impression Videos

These are videos that show these makeup Youtubers trying out some new products. It should be noted that these are mostly new products or just products that the artist hasn’t used before. The subscribers watch these videos to get feedback about the product from the YouTuber. Also, they test more than one product on these videos.

YouTube Professional Makeup Tutorials

It is a fact that most makeup learners turn to YouTube most of the time to acquire some of the special skills they have. This is very common in the beauty world because Youtubers have detailed filmed tutorials available.

Tips on hosting a perfect youtube tutorial

If you host one of the Makeup tutorials Youtubers and you are finding it hard to host a proper makeup tutorial. It is frustrating when you can’t get the audience you want. There are many possibilities as to why this is happening to you. Here are some tips that could help you host the best YouTube Makeup Tutorial.

Find Natural Light

This has to do with the setup of the video. Also, this is totally free. All you need is to find a place where the sun is touching properly. The sun that has been created to light up the earth should provide light for your video too. Just stay near a window where the sun is penetrating softly. You don’t need it to be too harsh.

You Need LEDs and Reflectors

LED lights are very important for you at this time as a makeup artist. If your light setup isn’t sufficient enough for you to work then you definitely need a LED light. Furthermore, LED lights help you avoid getting any color messed up.

Also, you are going to need reflectors. What are the reflectors for right? Well, a LED light is no good without a reflector because the reflector helps you spread the light throughout the whole room. Moreover, you need the light dispersed so it isn’t too bright for you and doesn’t cause you heat.

Ring Light

This is mainly to help add beauty to the video. The ring light on your face during your tutorials would appear as a light in the form of a ring. The light it produces is soft and could serve as your natural light. Also, a ring light doesn’t mess up your videos with flickers.

Be Audible

Just as your makeup lightens up the whole room, your voice should do that too. Although some cameras are built with mics in them. You should also try and get better quality audio for yourself. To fix this issue, you can either amplify your voice using software or add a mic to one of the lights close to you.

Remember that you are trying to teach

Always keep in mind that the audience is here to learn from you. Don’t just start the video, put on some makeup, and then end the video when you are done. Here is the problem with that. You have only completed one side of the job, which is being a makeup artist. The part you failed at is being an entertainer and a Youtuber.

Even if it means preparing a dialogue then you should. Also, the best way to get your audience is by making your opening dialogue amazing. Talk to your audience, they can drop any comments or questions during the class so you can go through them. Also, all their complaints and everything to help you grow.

If it has always been your dream to make professional makeup videos on YouTube then we hope that this article has helped you. Online makeup academies like Vizio Makeup Academy can help you in many ways to learn more about professional makeup videos on youtube in order to achieve your desired goal.