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Social Network Makeup Course Anniversary Promotion












Social Network Makeup Course Anniversary Promotion

We have set some very high expectations and are benchmarking new grades since we have started. Now we have thousands of graduates successfully working in the industry and people are learning from them as industry professionals. Our new approach is involved self-managed guidance material which incorporates preparing recordings from the specialists, handbooks for broad practice, all day, every day online help, access to profitable digital books, and in particular the Vizio Pro Makeup Kit, and so forth and toward the finish of this wonderful voyage of cosmetics preparing you would get an esteemed Professional Makeup Artist Certification which would help you in getting in the main cosmetics and beauty care products associations.

So, what’s New?

Right now, we are offering something beyond your imagination and just according to your dreams. Vizio Makeup Courses Promotion campaign has come up with an extra valuable offer of giving Elite Makeup Course with FX. Don’t you know what it is? Don’t you its worth in the market? Let us tell you.
It is a complete Makeup Course offered by Vizio Makeup Academy which includes:

• Introductory, Master, and Premier makeup methodologies by our keen experts. These experts are one of the best faculties to get training from who have been trained in the prestigious schools of Makeup around the world.
• Not only this, you would get to know the history of Makeup and how to build your Makeup Kit effectively so, for this purpose one must understand the do’s and don’ts of it, which brands are in trend and which are not, how to use the 20 pc brush set, etc.
• Choosing the correct shade of foundation is an art, and it would be taught you thoroughly in this great journey along with a clear understanding of color theory.
• In this new generation of the latest makeup trends, contouring and highlighting is the must. Without a good understanding of face charts, different types of face structures, and blending you would never be able to do good contouring so; it is the point where our faculty would make you Master.
• And most importantly several types of various Makeups like the Classic look, No-Makeup Natural Look, Sultry Smokey Look, High Fashion Look, 80’s Glam Look, Vogue Inspired Look, Vavoom Vintage Look, Cleopatra Cat Eye Look, Hollywood Celebrity Look, etc. would be taught with live practice sessions. Moreover, the Editorial, Photography, and Film’s Makeup strategies would also be taught extensively.
• And what’s more? As added in the name, the experts would make you Master in doing makeup with the special FX looks along with the correct use of Airbrush tools.
What’s more, is offered along with this?
Not one or two, total three super-hit products are offered with it.
• PRO 24 PC Brush set with luxurious case
• HD 96 Color Pro palette
• Bridal Makeup Course or Facial Ultimate Course

So, what’s the price?

The actual price of this valuable course is over $ 1000.00, but due to the special promotion going on these days, so you would get it at a fantastic price of $ 399.00 along with three special gifts. Isn’t that like doing this course for FREE?

So, what are you waiting for? To get enrolled, contact here 1-800-951-0795