Vizio Make up Academy Charges

Vizio Make up Academy Charges

Vizio makeup academy is a makeup artist school that was started by Anastasia Andreani along with her partner. Vizio makeup academy was developed by people who loved makeup and skincare, making it one of the best makeup academies. The academy aims on providing an outstanding experience for beginners and even for the learners who are passionate about make up. The academy is there to teach makeup even to professional. The best part about Visio Makeup academy is that enrolling at the academy is very easy and you don’t have to undergo complicated steps that are tiresome.

The pricing of these courses starts from $199. All you got to do is that you have to visit their website and fill out a form with your name, email and phone number and you will be able to access the price of the course that you want to take. Isn’t it simple?
How to Enroll?

When you are planning to become a professional, you have to give in hours of seminars, training and a lot of dedication and all of this is available at Vizio, all under one roof. No matter how tough the competition may be, you still have the chance to become the best makeup artist with the makeup courses that are offered by Vizio So do you want to stand out? Well, what are you waiting for? Follow the following steps and stand out!
The very first thing you need to do is fill in the form, which will help you view the tuition page that offers details of different make up courses being offered. Choose a makeup course and then log in with your information.

Makeup Courses
Vizio offers an array of makeup courses that fit your needs and offer you a range of benefits. Some of the courses offered at Vizio are described below in detail:
1. Elite Makeup Course:
This is one of the best make up courses of Vizio and is available at a price of $799. The benefits are numerous. HD kit is used in this to teach you the secret skills of Vizio along with pro 24 oc dream brush set. It will be a 7 day course with a celebrity makeup artist’s feedback.

2. Premier Makeup Course:
This one is for $399 and comes with hd pro 24 pc brush set, which is a plus for all the makeup lovers. It also offers celebrity feedback and a one year course access. All your contouring and highlighting is now going to be on point!

3. Master Makeup Course:
This course includes celebrity feedback and also hd 96 pro makeup kit. Don’t forget the ebook course contents for later use. It costs only $299.

4. Introductory Makeup Course:
This one is for all the beginners out there! It doesn’t involve any less benefit and comes with celebrity feedback like the rest. You will be taught all essential makeup skills; using the brushes and contouring. This one is only for $199.