Fall Makeup Trends

2016 Fall Makeup Trends

Trending Makeup Tips For Fall

School is back in session and with that means the coming of fall. Time for pumpkin flavored everything, warm scarves, comfy sweaters and of course… . ! I want to help prepare you for what these Fall makeup trends will be so you won’t miss a beat this year.

This fall, there are two categories in which you can follow that will guarantee your trendiness. Fall Makeup looks will be either strict or loose. Strict trends will be more dramatic and extreme while loose will be more blended and natural looking. I will go through a few trends to show you what this means for your style.

A strict Fall makeup trend is basically something sharp in your makeup. For example a bold lip with otherwise nude makeup will give that sharp and sexy contrast. Another example is the razor trend which is harsh eyeliners are paired with clean brows and pared-down lips. These graphic liners are both intimidating and gorgeous. Another seemingly intimidating look is the metallic lip color that gives the lips sharp dimension. There are also gilded brows that are strict looking but depending on how much embellishment you want, I would pair your lips and eye makeup accordingly.

All things matte it seems are becoming trendy this season, including matte eye shadow. Depending on the colors and how you pair it, you can work these to be loose or strict.
Kaleidoscope is one of the loose fall makeup trends that we see on the rise this fall. This is the idea of multi-colored makeup gives a youthful approach to your style. This trend focuses on color, texture and glitter all blended around the eye area. Another loose trend is the stained makeup look which really resembled the “I just slept in my makeup” look that I sometimes have in the morning. This can be achieved using smudgable liners and diffused eye shadows. Any diffused looks will definitely be in style this fall. The natural and seamlessly blended products are perfect for the loose makeup trend we will be seeing. A big part of this is shimmery nude lips with a final topping of gloss.

Overall, the fall makeup trends for this year created two categories in which you could show your creativity. Classic black eyeliner has been given new dimension by being transformed into graphic and modern art. Fluorescent makeup has made a comeback from the 80s also and appears in the form of lip color, eye or brow tint which brings in a strong contrast to the rest of the face which should appear natural. Lastly, twiggy, doll-like lashes are also going to be in style this season. This is a good way to achieve that strict look while not going too much out of your comfort zone. As far as the loose trend, you will see many natural and diffused looks, paired with a lot of glossy nude lips and worn makeup. Have fun trying these trends out and remember that you can still put your own twist on a look while staying within the hot trends of the season!

Fall Makeup Trends 2016
Fall Makeup Trends 2016