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Vizio Makeup Kit

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Vizio Makeup Kit

The idea behind the creation of Vizio Makeup Online School is to cater that audience of students who want to make some name in this field and cannot attend the onsite training yet they have abilities and potential to prove themselves. It was the moment that we realized to make such an online makeup school where the credible students can have training under the experts from all over the world. Our curriculum is world-class and has won numerous awards plus our certification has an esteemed worth in the market because we know how to make the best combination of technology, expert makeup techniques and incorporate latest trends in it. So you must be thinking that what makes the Vizio Makeup Academy different from other online professional makeup schools and programs. Don't worry we will tell you each and everything in detail so, keep on reading.

So, what’s our new Product? – Vizio Makeup Kit

Our latest launched product is the Vizio Makeup School Makeup Kit by the name of 'EXTRA PROFESSIONAL 198 COLOR MAKEUP KIT'. Let's go in its details and see what it offers us. This fantastic makeup kit is enough to cater all of your needs related to creating any looks which you studied in our exceptional Makeup courses like the Classic look, No-Makeup Natural Look, Sultry Smokey Look, High Fashion Look, 80's Glam Look, Vogue Inspired Look, Vavoom Vintage Look, Cleopatra Cat Eye Look, Hollywood Celebrity Look, etc. Or for any high-end assignment of Editorial, Photography, and Film's Makeup. Or any other makeup trend going on anywhere in the world can be done as flawless with this.
What's included in it?

• It's not just 50 or 60 shades of eyeshadow instead of total HD 198 eye shades which are just mind-blowing, No matter what colour of dresses you wear, you would always have the perks of flaunting it with the beautiful professional mineral matte eyeshadow.
• What's more? HD foundation with Correct & Conceal. The HD foundation has much more benefits than a regular foundation because it covers up your open more like anything. It has that HD finish which enables your photos to have a look like just-a-model. Yes, you won't be needing any extra editing from Photoshop. As per experts, it is just like a mask for your skin to give a stunning look.

• Beautiful shades of shiny lip-glosses and lipsticks are also added in for your convenience.
• Illuminating Finish powder is here to go you a sheer glow, Highlighter palette and pinky blushes to give you rosy cheeks with SFX special effects which are our signature.

So, you can have the perks of learning this amazing Makeup kit in our Live Event Makeup Course as, in this domain we are offering four different major courses, i.e. Introductory Makeup Course, Master Makeup Course, Premier Makeup Course, and Elite Makeup Course wFX. Premier makeup methodologies by our keen experts. These experts are one of the best faculties to get training from who have been trained in the prestigious schools of Makeup around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? To get this amazing Makeup Kit, contact here 1-800-951-0795