3 Must Know Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips to Master

Who doesn’t want to look young, fabulous, energetic, and experience gratification instantly? Below are 3 must know makeup tips to help you achieve an overall more sculptured appearance to your face, widen your eyes, and make your lips appear flawless in minutes.

great cheekbone makeup

Sculpting Beautiful Cheekbones

Provide a consistent and matte like finish to your cheeks by applying foundation. Make sure that you do not contour on bare skin to avoid the appearance of aged lines. Contouring is not as difficult as it sounds and consists of two steps: first, make a channel highlight around your eyes from the top lines of your eye socket using an angled brush. Use a bronzer or bronzed shade towards the hairline. Then continue by using a fluffy powder brush and small amount of white powder. Create an optical illusion with a contrast of dark and bright, deep and highlight. According to celebrity makeup artists, highlight and contour is really not all that difficult, if you want to add more definition, you can follow this step. You can always find a great makeup tips and education in New York makeup school, online education never has been so easy at Vizio Makeup Academy. You can also deepen the eye socket with the use of a Window-wipe brush. It is a must for you to ensure that you lift your head and look at the mirror as looking downwards may make you apply it elsewhere ruining the look. Next, apply pinky beige shade to give a perfect look to the lash line. Since the skin has reddish color which is the flesh color naturally, it provides a deep look to your eyes. This dark light dark method makes for an overall gorgeous look.

Establish Naturally Flawless Lips

To begin with use a high color lip gloss and use a red color pencil to provide a fine outline on the cupids bow. The skin color pencil helps in bringing out the natural color of the lip without using color to create a line it’s an illusion of contour, like a border around your mouth. In addition to this you are benefited with the texture of the lipstick as it stops the lip gloss from running down the lips.

Create the Appearance of Extra Long Lashes

Distinct from the large wands of mascara that is applied using a tube, according to celebrity makeup artists, if you want a clean look with a high definition lash, then make use of comb brush. This look imitates the looks of the 1950s and 60s mascara. It should be applied from the top to the lash line without any twists. If you want an extra long and thick lash intensity, you need to use the brush to the ends.

The Appearance of Flawless Skin

Don’t use foundation on the forehead in excess as it tends to cause an aging effect. Apply a primer with diffusers, and use a light foundation for the skin. Next, apply two layers of lengthening mascara.  After following these steps you should not need to apply anything for the lips and eyes.