Advanced Makeup Video

Do you want to learn more about advanced makeup video? One of the benefits of a digitized world for makeup artists is the many advanced makeup video content available online. You can learn from anywhere and anytime thanks to tutorials using only your mobile device.

Makeup is an art, and you must practice and experience it to improve your skills. With the help of videos, you can enhance your creativity at a pace that is comfortable for you. However, you have to choose whether you learn from youtubers or an online makeup course.

advanced makeup video

How can an advanced makeup video help your career?

What sets an expert makeup artist apart from hobbyists and amateurs? This is the knowledge of advanced techniques and industry secrets. You can exclusively acquire these things from professional training. Studying makeup gives you the edge career-wise. So this opens plenty of opportunities for you to thrive and grow as an artist.


Learning makeup is a process that you must go through for days or months, especially if you are specializing in a niche. You can set your pace to fit your schedule. Because it allows you to squeeze in makeup classes in between your work or study.

So with online classes, you can meet your prior commitments. You can also do your coursework during your free time. This is flexible to learn makeup!


Physical makeup classes are a challenge to anyone living quite a distance from the big city. You must spend a considerable sum on your tuition, materials, and other essentials while you are training. You have to allot time and money if you are commuting from far away, too.

Advanced makeup video classes help you slash some of these expenses. Because there’s no traveling needed. Because you can learn and practice right from home or anywhere you want to hold the classes. No rushing to catch a bus. No unnecessary spending on tempting shopping offers in the city!

Regular Practice

Online makeup tutorials allow you to practice the skill as many times as you want. You can do the task repeatedly if you are not satisfied with the turnout. There is minimal pressure to perform excellently the first time. Because you are practicing at your own pace.


Online courses provide a certificate to participants who satisfactorily complete the coursework. You can include it in your resume. Additionally, you can use this document to spruce up your portfolio and impress the hiring manager. It is the best proof of your dedication to becoming a professional makeup artist.

Youtube tutorial vs advanced makeup video classes

Nowadays, the simple search of a keyword leads you to various content online. Like everything else on the internet. You will find thousands of how-to videos and courses in a few clicks. However, how will you know which one to pick?

Youtube Tutorials

Youtube makeup tutorials are some of the most consumed content online. These videos are often short and fun to watch. Also, some even go viral within a few hours! However, it’s not the type of learning that distinguishes you as a professionally trained cosmetics artist.

Popular makeup youtubers create tutorials because it is their full-time job. As such, they focus more on making eye-catching content. This aims to deliver an impressive visual experience. These videos often have elements like product ad placement, filtering techniques, and trendy editing. They design gorgeous looks that fit the camera but do not hold well in real life.

Advanced makeup video classes

What youtube tutorials cannot teach you are all available in online makeup courses. You don’t have to copy the content creator’s style. Because you can create your own during your training. You can also learn all expert-recommended application basics and advanced techniques that are well-kept information in the industry.

What more can you learn from online courses? Here are some of them. These will certainly be helpful for you.

Makeup Theories

How did the smoky eye come about? Where did the early form of lip balm originate, and what was it made of? This information does not come by often in youtube tutorials. However, if you enroll in professional makeup classes, you will understand the history and theories concerning cosmetics in-depth.

This information might be trivial, but it comes in handy when you are practicing your profession. Clients could surprise you with questions about makeup. But you can confidently answer them if you studied it from the get-go!

Secrets of the trade

Do you know that many celebrity makeup artists teach online classes? They can also share well-kept secrets with you? Acquiring a makeup course boosts your career profile and helps you develop advanced skills. You can learn professional techniques that enrich your creativity. This will surely bring out the best look for your clients.

Creating an impressive portfolio

The portfolio is a makeup artist’s compilation of their valuable work. This is your passport to high-paying projects and gigs that usher your growth in the cosmetics industry. Moreover, enrolling in makeup classes allows you to connect with photographers, stylists, and models. These valuable professionals in the beauty industry can enrich your portfolio. With a meticulously curated portfolio, you can impress clients and peers alike. Also, it enables you to learn the best ways to showcase your skills properly.

Starting your business

This is the dream of every makeup artist to build a brand that anyone in the industry can recognize. This is a long journey that starts with learning the basics. It is also about developing your creativity as you move forward. Once you acquire the right skills and equipment, you can then establish a brand that resonates with your style.

Learning online

The art of blending is not just the only lesson you should master if you want a career in the cosmetics industry. When you enroll in online makeup classes, you gain access to industry-standard training that you cannot get from youtube tutorials. You are also privy to various tools and resources that build up a professional makeup artist.

Indeed, making the time and effort to learn is a must for anyone aspiring to work in cosmetics. Completing the course means officially carving your path towards becoming a reputable makeup artist in the biz. With the accessibility makeup classes offer, your dream is literally only a few clicks away.

If you want to grow professionally, Vizio Makeup Academy offers the best online courses for you. There are several resources. You can access these resources from our advanced training platform if you decide to enroll with us. Because our expert instructors can turn you into a certified makeup artist with reputable skills and techniques. You can start a blossoming career or business in cosmetics with us today!