April Makeup Artist Feature

April Featured Makeup Artist Shannon Huffman

A Passion for Makeup Artistry

As human beings, we are fueled by stereotypes. Although many of us know that we shouldn’t stereotype any person, we do anyway because it is in our nature. This practice can either help or hurt based on the situation. It is becoming easier to break down these stereotypes, however, with our changing society. You can see a prime example of this on the show “The Voice”. The show allows the coaches to judge people based on solely the merit of their voice, not on the way they might be stereotyped. When people break their stereotypes that is when the most excitement happens. We can see some stereotypes being broken in our April Featured student, Shannon Huffman.

Shannon grew up in Flint, Michigan as the youngest of 4 children. She always loved playing and experimenting with makeup and the day she turned 13 years old, she was ecstatic to be able to officially wear makeup. Like many makeup artists, she began by teaching herself about techniques and products without any formal education. She put this passion on hold after she graduated high school and decided to join the U.S Navy. Stationed in Washington, she worked on tugboats and served for 3 years. This is where our major stereotype comes into play. Generally speaking, people do not expect our military to be harboring a passion for makeup. The military is obviously known for being clean, orderly, and strict where individuality is generally lost for the greater good of the team.

Makeup, on the other hand, is all about individuality, creativity and spontaneity.
After Shannon left the Navy, she moved around a bit from Washington, to Oregon then Idaho before settling in North Pole, Alaska. She was a stay at home mother so she could raise her two children, who are now in their teens. She then became a working single mother which is another stereotype she breaks down. Working two jobs and raising two children allows for very little time to do much else. But despite this hectic life, she still found the time to work on her makeup skills. When her daughter became old enough, makeup was something they began bonding over. They try new techniques and strategies together and have found makeup to be a passion they can share together.

Shannon got remarried in 2015 to the man of her dreams who has only helped her discover her talent for makeup. He helped her create her YouTube channel and other social media accounts where she could discuss makeup, beauty and fashion. After this, she decided it was time to pursue her dream and get a professional makeup education, that’s how she found us. She enrolled as one of our students and has been so happy with all she has learned and how much fun she is having in the process. She plans on moving back to Michigan to be nearer to her family and in hopes that it will help her pursue her ultimate dream. She hopes to make a name for herself using social media as a launching pad and maybe one day even launch her own cosmetics line. We hope to continue to see Shannon thrive in our school and encourage her to continue knocking down any stereotypes that may block her path. Be sur to follow Shannon on her social sites:


Shannon Huffman - April Makeup Artist Feature of the Month
Shannon Huffman – April Makeup Artist Feature of the Month