Client Makeup Kit

If you want to be a professional makeup artist, you must have your own makeup kit or a client makeup kit for your clients. A makeup kit is the best friend of a professional makeup artist. You have to make financial investments to build one as the makeup products are not cheap. Make sure not to use any cheap product in any situation while doing professional makeup. In this case, the brand is important. 

Client Makeup Kit

Why do you need a client makeup kit? 

Your client makeup kit is your identity, and that’s why you have to build a makeup kit that is well organized, presentable, and has every makeup-related product in it. It is the thing that can win your clients’ trust and establish you as someone very professional and organized. A well-organized client makeup kit with sufficient makeup products is what you want to build your reputation in the contemporary, highly competitive market. No client will be willing to assign someone who doesn’t have sufficient and branded makeup products or who does not keep the products hygienic and organized. 

What are the must-have products in a client makeup kit? 

You must have everything that you would need to create a look, depending on your niche. The must-have products include concealer, foundation in both powder and liquid form, eyeliner, coal, blush, eye shadow, lipstick shades, lip gloss, eyebrow pencils, setting spray, and several blenders and brushes. 

Besides that, you’ll need a full set of quality brushes, a hand sanitizer, tissues, Q-tips, Spoolies, cotton pads, etc., in your makeup kit. Make sure to cover all the products needed to create a proper base. Base makeup is the most important part of creating a look. 

How to build a great client makeup kit? 

Your client makeup kit is your identity, and you have to be careful about the products. Select the products according to the need and your niche. Here are some tips to build your impressive professional makeup kit. 

What is your niche? 

Makeup is a vast field with different dimensions. You have to be specific about which makeup artistry you want to take as your profession and who are your targeted clients. Are you a bridal makeup artist or a professional hairdresser? Know your niche first before choosing your makeup products. The makeup kit of a bridal makeup artist and a special effect makeup artist is completely different. From makeup products to brushes, there are a lot of things that are not common. That’s why you have to consider your niche while choosing products for your client makeup kit. 

Go for branded products 

Cheap and non-branded products can be harsh on the skin and affect your career. You have to be very careful while choosing the makeup products for your client makeup kit. There are plenty of brands in the market, and you have to choose which is the best for you. Here you have to invest your money as the good products are usually costly. Research enough to know which makeup products can deliver the best makeup look. For example, not all makeup products are actually water-resistant and also not all of them blend perfectly. You have to choose makeup products that can match different skin complexions and blend properly to deliver a perfect makeup look. 

Some underrated makeup brands that can be perfect for your client makeup kit

There are also some underrated makeup brands that are good and comparatively cheap at the same time. Some of them are mentioned below-

NYX cosmetics 

This makeup brand can be the best choice for aspirants as the products are excellent and comparatively cheap. They are long-lasting, sweatproof and soft on-screen. 


It is one of the leading makeup brands across the world that offers amazing makeup and beauty products at affordable prices. They have an option for almost every skin tone out there and give a perfect blend. 

Revolution Beauty 

It is a leading makeup brand in the UK. Though it is affordable, the quality is to die for. Besides makeup, they also have a wide range of skincare products. 

Besides these, you can also go for  L.A girl, Black radiance, Colour pop, etc. 

Go for reviews and advice 

Go through the reviews of the makeup products you are willing to purchase for your client makeup kit. You won’t get a chance to test every foundation to decide which one is best for you. That’s why you have to go through all the reviews of that particular makeup product and seek advice. It’s not necessary that you have to depend on others’ opinions, but when you are a beginner, advice, and opinions will help you to decide which one to choose. 

Purchase a bulk of disposable tools 

As a professional makeup artist, you’ll need to use several kinds of disposable tools besides makeup products. This is a must to maintain hygiene and safety. These are equally important as makeup products. The list includes Q-tips, Spoolies, cotton pads, etc. If you buy each after every application, it will not only cost you more, but it is also time-consuming. Instead of buying a packet of these tools every time at full cost, buy these tools in bulk. 

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