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December Makeup Artist Feature

Makeup Artist Feature of the Month

Treva Graves - Style by Treva

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes all the fun festivities of Christmas; the most common one being shopping. Holiday shopping is a tradition that either leaves you shaking with excitement and anticipation or leaves you trapped in your house afraid to leave… (Nothing wrong with online shopping, am I right?) Being the makeup lovers we all are, everyone here is aware that in order to properly show of your supreme makeup skills, you must also show off your sense of fashion. These two are so intertwined that having good makeup skills without any sense of fashion or vice versa is pretty much deemed a sin in this industry. This month, the makeup artist we are featuring is Treva Graves who knows a thing or two about the inseparable nature of incredible fashion and perfect makeup.

Treva is not by any means a newcomer to the world of fashion and beauty. She has occupied almost every role in the industry for the past 30 years. Beginning with modeling then moving into acting, she then received her certification for communication training as well as graduated from both personal style training and your very own Vizio Makeup Academy. With all her knowledge and skill, she decided to launch her own business titled Style by Treva.

Her business is highly successful not only because she is mega talented, but also because her client base is wide open! Treva caters to the usual clients such as bridal parties, prom girls, beauty pageant contestants, and actors; but she also works with politicians, lawyers, cancer survivors, executives, and any man or woman who simply wishes to feel better about themselves. Much like hiring a personal trainer at the gym, when you hire Treva, you are making the choice to better your confidence and style in your professional and everyday life.

December Makeup Artist Feature Treva Graves

December Makeup Artist Feature Treva Graves

There can be a lot learned from Treva’s personal styling, the first of which is not about fashion, but instead about the individual. As Treva advises, your style should reflect who you are as a person. This can be done through both your wardrobe and your makeup. Your personality should be able to shine through with whatever you wear, and with Treva’s expertise with body shape and image coaching, she can help any person with their overall look.

December Makeup Artist Feature

December Makeup Artist Feature

Many clients of Treva’s are businesses and professionals who require her assistance not only as a makeup artist, but also for dressing and proper business etiquette, interview, presentation and overall communication skills. When Treva graduated from our academy, she received her International Elite Makeup Professional certification.  Treva is now an accomplished professional makeup artist who puts her skills to great use every day.

What makes Treva truly shine is her knowledge of not just the makeup industry but of the fashion industry as well. Many of her clients have been astounded of the “miracles” she has worked on their wardrobes, faces and self-confidence. Treva teaches her clients which makeup products work well for them as well as how to apply the makeup for all different occasions they might encounter. She also is an expert at putting together an outfit specifically tailored to the person and the event they need it for. Many clients have testified to Treva’s exceptional talents in every aspect of style and that is why this month we salute her.

Check out Treva for yourself on any social media site or on her website,

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