Welcome to Vizio Makeup Academy, we are proud to announce we have “Just Launched” our new, exciting and cutting edge cloud based professional makeup academy! We are excited to bring you a fresh new makeup education; taught by our professional Hollywood celebrity makeup artists. Yes that’s right they will walk you through step by step, grade your work, and give you feedback on your work. We have combined their years of experience and expertise through a variety makeup looks, techniques, tips and tricks. All of our pro makeup artistry courses are now available for you to learn, and all at your own convenience.

We are eager to start our first blog entry with the Fall 2014-2015 makeup trends which were seen all over the world’s largest catwalks recently during fashion week. Let’s discuss some of the most impressive looks we have observed so far. The cutting age makeup trends seen are extremely diverse, as we find makeup alternatives for any taste and preference. We have witnessed a variety of classic options like natural minimalistic to the daring, shimmery smoked out, experimental and extravagant variants. We also witnessed electric colors that pop, which bring timeless futuristic looks that definitely pushed the envelope!

Many of the worldly catwalks featured quite popular punky and futuristic vibes are thought when we see the metallic matching eye shadow and lipstick this winter. Using metal inspired tones like gold, silver and bronze. These looks can be worn with a neutral lip or a bold matching lip depending on how dramatic you want to go on the eyes. A lot of heavy shimmer contouring and high-definition powders can also be added for facial featured effects that dramatically enhance the overall look. Flat, gelled back hair in a high pony tail makes for an overall futuristic, clean yet daring look which gives clarity to the makeup.

It is a style that is filled with playful sophistication and hugely modern in trending catwalks. To achieve these look you can coat the eyelids in a lighter shade of foundation/primer, and with a flat shadow brush. You can simply use one bold colour such as red, and brush the colour across the lids, or in a 50’s inspired winged style. Catwalks are also introducing metallic blues, purples and greens for that almost 70’s/80’s punk-themed look with the consistency of matching a shimmery thick lip shade, which will give the expression of a diffused look. The bold color will remain striking on the face because the face is kept neutral. This season heavily recommends you to pop on a bit of metallic sapphire on, and then strut. We teach many of these looks within our makeup school, you will learn step by step in our various courses.

Fall Fashion Makeup
Fall Fashion Makeup

We also saw what is known as your almost no-makeup, make-up type of look. It is your natural look in its most basic form – it’s either a fresh face with little or even no foundation, minimal eye makeup, and sometimes a light lip tint. Some features of the face may be enhanced but keeping it to a bare minimum. The trend for the almost invisible style of makeup has been continued throughout most of catwalks as reintroducing the naturalism of beauty and signifying the bareness of the model. Many designers were looking for the masculine, sportive ad healthy glowing type of look for their new season style. To achieve these looks, you can use a light airbrush of foundation and keep in mind makeup artists purposely used a shade or two lighter than the models natural skin tone to enhance their natural features such as bold eyebrows and eye color. Also brushing over the lips with foundation gives a pure nude and futuristically natural look. This nude look is highly popular and definitely created a stir in this seasons shows. Check out our various makeup courses, and you will learn step by step on how to create several of these timeless high fashion makeup looks. All of our professional makeup courses are taught by experienced top Hollywood celebrity makeup artists!