Featured Makeup Artist Francesca Tolot

Francesca Tolot

Even if the name of Francesca Tolot doesn’t ring a bell, you will probably recognize her work in an instant. She’s probably best known for her long-standing relationship with Beyonce as her personal make-up artist, but Francesca Tolot has also worked with a number of celebrated names, including Madonna, Kate Moss, Janet Jackson, and, of course, Elizabeth Taylor.

Born in Venice, Italy, Francesca Tolot moved to Milano, following her marriage to the fashion and fine art photographer Alberto Tolot. There, she met and apprenticed for the famous Diego Dalla. Tolot admits she only joined his class because she enjoyed wearing makeup and wanted to learn new techniques. Her potential quickly became apparent, and Diego suggested she should take one of his bookings. Even though not very excited about the opportunity, Francesca Tolot quickly found herself on an Italian Vogue shoot and discovered her passion and profession. Soon after that, she and her husband moved to America to pursue her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist.

Francesca Tolot has worked alongside one of the most famous celebrities in the world, beautifying and transforming them into whatever stage role they wanted to adopt.
However, her work on major music videos and fashion and global advertising campaigns is not everything. Just recently, Francesca Tolot announced her debut book: an exploration of the transformative power of makeup, titled “One Woman 100 faces”. The book consists of photographs of model Mitzi Martin, a tribute to her artistry and talent, shot by Tolot’s husband, Alberto Tolot. The photography book documents Tolot’s work with the model, and the 200 pages show her transformation into a myriad of roles and faces, ultimately portraying her as a living piece of art.

The notion behind “One Woman 100 faces” is clear: it sets to demonstrate the hundreds of faces and aspects of personality each woman holds in herself, and the transformative power of makeup and light that, combined, can change a person in very dramatic and unexpected ways.

Francesca Tolot and Mitzi Martin have more than a simple working relationship. Model Mitzi Martin has been working with Tolot since she was 17, and the photography book pays tribute to their friendship and reflects Martin’s role as both a muse and a message. Francesca Tolot is well-known for her work with many other celebrities, including Beyonce, for whom she’s been a personal makeup artist for over a decade. In fact, Beyonce herself complimented Tolot on her artistry and talent, describing her as the most extraordinary artist of her time. Before Beyonce, Tolot has worked for over 20 years with Elizabeth Taylor and a number of other artists, singers, and models.

Tolot herself describes Martin’s face as a genuine “dream” and says that she found the greatest pleasure, working alongside her friends and family while using her makeup as an art form. “One Woman 100 Faces” is the product of collaboration between make-up artist Francesca Tolot and a number of other talented stylists, including Robert Vetica, Yuki Sharoni, and Serena Radaelli. 

Francesca Tolot is one of the most amazing makeup artists of our times; we encourage students to follow her career as she is the perfect example of an amazing successful professional makeup artist. Every aspiring makeup artist should look up to her as a role model.

You can follow Francesca and buy her book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.