June Featured Makeup Artist – Cinderella Merz

Vizio Makeup Academy’s Featured Makeup Artist of the Month

It isn’t always easy making it in the beauty industry. What am I saying… it’s never easy making it in this industry. However, it can be even more difficult if you did not grow up around it, or if you didn’t grow up in one spot for that matter. Our June featured makeup artist of the month is very accustomed to traveling around and has actually benefitted from it in her career.

Cinderella Merz is a half Filipino half German model who happens to have recently discovered her passion for makeup as well. Cindy grew up in Germany but decided that she wanted to experience a little of her mother’s culture as well. She moved at the age of 20 to the Philippines and began a modeling career there as a Monaco Model. While beginning in that field, she was also offered to be in her first beauty product commercial. Since then she has been featured in quite a few commercials, the most recent being for Johnson’s Baby.

One of the great things about Cindy is that she is so versatile in her look. You can see examples of this on her Instagram account or website. This is the reason that she has had such success in modeling and commercials. Her passion for makeup began while she was getting her makeup done for a photoshoot. She says that she always loved getting her makeup done and would constantly question the makeup artist to try to learn as much as possible. Like many of us, she did not realize that she could turn her passion for makeup into a career. Seeing how fluidly the makeup artists transformed her look, she never dreamed of being as good as them, and decided not to pursue makeup. That is until she got married and became pregnant with her first baby. She created her blog which had an emphasis on beauty and makeup, and later on motherhood. Her husband knew that she could thrive doing makeup and pushed her to study makeup artistry and reach her full potential.

Cindy knew that being a mother was the most important thing to her and wanted to be able to stay at home and raise her little boy while pursuing her passion. So at just 27 years old, she found our online school, and the rest has been history. Cindy enjoys sharing her makeup skills and looks with her blog followers and Instagram followers. She is also very dedicated to fitness and enjoys boxing which you can see on her accounts as well. She frequently tracks her health progress through pictures as to inspire other moms to become fit.

Obviously Cindy is a great multitasker for being able to live a healthy lifestyle, pursue her makeup dreams and raise a baby. You can see that this requires a lot of hard work on her part, but that is what dreams are all about. We look forward to seeing what else Cindy will accomplish with us.

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Makeup Artist Feature of the Month Cinderella Merz
Makeup Artist Feature of the Month Cinderella Merz