Best Harley Quinn Makeup Looks

Congrats on a Job Well Done, Puddin’ Harley Quinn Makeup

I know it seems as though Halloween was a long time ago what with the Christmas spirit festering all around us; however, it was just over a month ago that we all were able to live out our (sometimes twisted) fantasies and dress up like another person for the day. Many of us in the makeup world love Halloween because it screams with opportunity to try something crazy with your makeup that you aren’t normally able to do. It was great to see many of our lovely students and graduates send in pictures of their exceptional (and sometimes downright terrifying) makeup looks on Halloween. We were extremely proud to see our students’ creativity and skills shine through in their work. So proud, in fact that we were inspired to go a little crazy ourselves.

The owner of Vizio Makeup Academy, Anastasia Andreani, decided she would like to have her fun with the holiday as well. Anastasia decided to join the hundreds of others who saw the new Suicide Squad promotion and immediately fell in love with the character Harley Quinn. Although this costume was the main contender for women this Halloween, Anastasia’s rendition of Harley Quinn was one of the best out there. So good in fact that she made Uproxx’s prestigious list of Best Harley Quinn Costumes. You can check out the link to see her look for yourself! https://uproxx.com/gammasquad/2015/11/best-harley-quinn-suicide-costumes-2015/

If you haven’t heard of Uproxx (yikes!) I highly recommend that you check it out. This blog is the most well rounded, accurate and fun way to stay up to date on your sports, music, entertainment, cultural news, travel, food, health, what’s trending as well as so much more! They have a great team of journalists, bloggers and storytellers that are not only capable of fun light, pieces but also long articles that make you aware of more serious issues. To be mentioned in one of their articles is a super big deal and we are so proud of our founder Anastasia!

Now, in case you have been living under a rock (or maybe just not that into comics) I will tell you a little about Dr. Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, and how Anastasia achieved her impressive look.

Harley Quinn is known as an enemy of Batman, girlfriend to her abusive partner, The Joker, and friend of Poison Ivy. She has been a supporting villain in the comic books and in the animated Batman series. She will be one of the main villains in the new movie Suicide Squad, which is being released in August of 2016. The trailer has left audiences wanting more of this badass chick.

Although the trailer didn’t give a whole lot to go off of, most Harley Quinn makeup and costumes either did the nice version or the roughed up, post-fight version of Harley. Anastasia chose the “nicer” version and replicated her costume, hair, accessories, tattoos and signature baseball bat that were all shown in the trailer. With her makeup, she had to get a very pale look all about her face and body which she did by mixing a super light foundation with some white face paint. She then extenuated her eyes with heavy black liner and fake eyelashes. On one eye she had blue eye shadow on the lid and expertly smudged it down to the side. The other eye was the same except with red to create Harley’s signature look. She also drew on the heart tattoo under the eye with eye liner. Lastly, she plumped up her lips a nice red and became the spitting image of Harley Quinn. Congrats again on a fantastic costume!

Harley Quinn Makeup
Harley Quinn Makeup