How to learn eye shadow

The eyes are an essential part of the body when talking about makeup. It’s something magical about them that they seem to enhance your beauty ten folds. That too, once you do it right. And when you have mastered this form of art of makeup application, you will see your value as a professional makeup artist increase drastically. The eye plays a keen role in determining the overall look on your face after you’ve applied makeup. Therefore, this article aims to teach you how to learn eye shadow.   

Table of Contents  
  1. Why Do You Need To Learn To Apply Eye Shadow?
  2. How To Effectively Apply Eye Shadow As A Beginner
  3. 3 Unique Tricks You Must Try!  
How to learn eye shadow

Why Do You Need To Learn To Apply Eye Shadow?

Eye shadows are an essential makeup component that provides a certain depth to your eyes. It works great to create a contrast with the rest of your makeup. Thus, making it stand out more. And that too depends upon the shade and style of the shadow. The beauty of this simple cosmetic is the level of detail that it gives to the wearer. It can function to enlarge your eyes and reduce them depending on the color you use. You can apply it to complement your eyes. Or to bring attention to them. The possibilities are endless.  

You primarily apply eye shadow to your eyelids. However, at times, you can even spread them under the eyes, on the cheeks, or even your eyebrows. Apart from signifying beauty, eye shadow has a cultural history too. In many civilizations, eye shadow was a part of their tradition and had great symbolic importance. It simply differentiated them from others. Or perhaps even to add depth to characters in theatrical plays. As hard as it may seem to believe, the concept of eye shadows is pretty old if you think about it.   

From a business point of view, excelling in applying eye shadow on people is a huge feat to accomplish. Precise MUA rarely exists that can infallibly blend your eye shadow with the rest of your makeup theme. Thus, mastering this art is a benefit in and of itself.   

How To Effectively Apply Eye Shadow as a beginner  

Applying eye shadow is a tricky business. And that too when it requires precision, accuracy, and a good taste in the proper blending of colors. So, to help you out here is a detailed process depicting how to learn eye shadow application effectively.   

  1. Analyze the eye with which you are working. That means to try and understand the eye shape before you. Remember, every eye shape is unique. Thus, they all call for different measures. Try analyzing the eye shape you got to propose a plan for applying the eye shadow.  
  2. Take note of the eye color. One of the primary roles of an eye shadow is to provide a certain depth to one’s eye. That only happens by using a contrasting color to that of your eyes. For example, if you have dark brown eyes, an eye shadow of a cool purple hue would work great.  
  3. Get your tools right. For the principal utensil, you will need brushes. Getting the right shade and making the proper blend requires proper command of the brushes you use. For example, you have the Blending Brush working in blending your shades effectively. The Crease Line Brush helps get makeup on the creases of your skin, adding depth to your overall look. The edge of the Contour Brush allows you to blend makeup in your eye sockets. Believe it or not, this barely scratches the surface . . .because there are plenty more where that came.   

With that out of the way, let’s start your journey on how to learn eye shadow as a beginner.

  1. Begin by applying concealer to your eyelids. The concealer acts as a canvas for the oncoming layers of makeup.   
  2. Take your desired eye shadow shade and use a suitable brush to apply some on the creases of your eyes. That will help to give some background to it.   
  3. Next, using another brush, give a darker outline to the edges of your eye, making them stand out from the rest of your face.  
  4. Using a brighter shade, apply a generous coat to the whole of your eyelid. Such a shade will act as a lit background to the rest of the hues, ensuring that they do not get too dark.   
  5. Now, depending on the theme you want, use a suitable brush to give light streaks of that color to your eyelids, enhancing your beauty. Thus, decreasing the brightness of the previous color.  
  6. Use pencil eyeliner and mascara to finish your eyes. And do so on the upper and lower lash lines, smudging it gently.   

And you are done! If you want to know how to learn eye shadow makeup, try enrolling in an online makeup academy. And also, to receive professional advice from famous MUAs. Thus, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the proper qualification and credibility. Hence, improving your future career as an expert MUA. An example of such an online institution is Vizio Makeup Academy.  

3 Unique tricks You Must Try!

As for tips, tricks, and hacks of using eye shadow, you would be amazed to see how many hacks you can do. Here are three examples of it. 

  • Try using your eye shadow as a highlighter. When you do not have a highlighter, try using your eye shadow. As wrong as it may seem, it works wonders. Take a shade or two lighter than that of your skin tone and use it to highlight specific areas of your face. And see the magic unfold.   
  • Use it as an eyeliner. When you do not want an eyeliner pencil with you or you do not want to go through the hassle of using it, you can always use your eye shadow. Trust me. It works the same. Just ensure you use a lightly damp, pointed brush to replicate and eyeliner. After that, get creative!  
  • Try turning your eye shadow as a make-shift bronzer. With the right mix of metallic shades, you can mimic the result of your bronzer with that of the eye shadow. You can do so when you do not feel like investing in a bronzer. Or simply if you do not have the time to do so. It works just as well!