How To Learn Makeup By Yourself

Let’s say you have spent so many days dreaming of how to become a makeup artist. Probably the best and most common answer that you must have heard is enrollment for beauty school. The thing about beauty schools is that not everyone has the resources for those. How to learn makeup by yourself may not be an easy thing to do.

Also, you might have very little time to do that so it just wouldn’t work for you. It is also possible that you cannot cope with these beauty schools. Here are some tips that would help you during your journey. You can become a makeup artist by yourself. You just need dedication, faith, and YouTube.

how to learn makeup by yourself

Tips on how to learn makeup by yourself

The truth is there is no particular way on how to learn makeup by yourself. You just need to do a lot of research and make sure you have a passion for it. Also, don’t rush any step.

Continuous Practice

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise. Whatever you do, practice always makes you perfect. So, when you are on a journey trying to be a makeup artist, make sure you practice any new knowledge you acquire. Even if you have to watch videos online and then practice what they do there.

Check videos of professionals and try to practice what they do there too. This is basically the best way to start your makeup journey. A lot of practice would help you move forward. With time. Also, as you grow you meet other makeup artists that would teach you different things too.

Research About Old Makeup Artists And Learn Their Styles

You are all prepped on how to learn makeup by yourself. Well, here is something you have to keep in mind. Make sure you do your research to see how professionals work. Furthermore, you won’t just be learning how to apply makeup. You would also be learning other things. For instance, how to act around clients and other stuff like making this a career path.

You have to be an artist and be very creative. Some looks would catch your eye, copy them and get creative with them. Get to learn about the basic tools needed for your journey. These things are all available in magazines and beauty blogs. Learn from the best that you can find.

Make Sure Your Passion Is Here

You would need a lot of dedication to learn makeup. Your passion is always what keeps you going. Although you would feel a lot better when attending a makeup academy. Nonetheless, you want to know how to learn makeup by yourself. This means you don’t need an academy. Your passion has to be your greatest drive here.

Most people quit when they don’t have an academy to keep them going or fellow students to help them practice. Well, this is something that you want to do, just keep pushing.

Get Yourself A Mentor

This should be someone that can take you along for jobs so you can learn new techniques. Another way is getting a mentor online that you admire his or her work. You can copy styles and watch how they combine colors.

Important Skills To Emulate As A Makeup Artist

Because you want to know how to learn makeup by yourself, here are some skills that you should emulate to help you as you improve in this career path

Communication Skills

This is very important as a makeup artist. It is one of the skills that they teach you at makeup academies. Make sure you maintain a good relationship with your client. The moment you meet your client and start working, you should know how to communicate with them. This way you get to know what the person wants exactly.

Also, communication always puts the client at ease. Furthermore, your first impression is when your client books you for a session. Whichever method you prefer being booked with, just be nice and reply to the client’s questions. Every client is important, they help you improve and they pay you too.

Being Able To Manage Under Pressure

You are mostly under pressure when you know that you can’t afford any mistakes. Also, when you have a deadline to meet, it kind of puts a little pressure on you. Don’t show your client that you are under pressure, so they can be at ease.

Even when it seems like you are not going to meet the deadline, don’t ever act like it. Try to be calm and just keep working with ease. Keep communicating and try to put your client at ease also. However, try to increase your speed and be careful too.

Organize Your Schedule Properly

Remember that you are not working for anyone as a makeup artist. Make sure you are in charge of everything you do, especially your time. Don’t work yourself out and appear very tired when meeting some of your clients. Also, don’t ever make the mistake of canceling on a client for another one.

Make sure you work out your schedule properly and don’t make anyone change it. Give your clients time during booking. If the client is late then you might have to cancel if you have another session. Just don’t give room for any mismanagement of time.

Pay Attention To Every Detail

We can’t even stress how important this is. Listen to the client and make sure you ask when you get confused or forget. Clients don’t appreciate constant mistakes. Furthermore, you can give suggestions but if the client still insists, just do what they like. At Vizio Makeup Academy, they teach students that every session is about the client. Make sure your craft is enough to satisfy the client’s taste. Happy clients mean good payments.

Final Thoughts

Do you think that you can pull this off? Well, we have given you the steps on how to learn makeup by yourself. Anyone can do this, it just depends on your mindset and how far you are willing to go. Vizio Makeup Academy also teaches students that half of the learning process is all on their own.