January Featured Makeup Artist – Gisela Garcia

The Power of Social Media Networking Paired with Education

One of life’s hardest decisions comes to us all when we are only about 18 years old; that is deciding what we want to do for the rest of our lives. You must choose a career path and then follow through by investing all your time and money to further your education or start working in your field. But what if you don’t know what you want to do? There are about 12,000 potential careers you can choose so naturally the most common college major is “undecided”. Now it’s true that many of us do not stick with our first chosen majors in college but our January featured makeup artist this month has recently had some trouble with this process. Thankfully she ended up right where she should be, with us.

Gisela Garcia is one of our very talented young artists here at Vizio and has built up over 8,000 followers on social media sites where she posts her amazing work. Gisela started off like many of us do, in the wrong career path. She is only 20 years old but always had an interest in makeup growing up. She was originally majoring in nutrition and dietetics in college but found herself experimenting more and more with her makeup skills. She started off like many today do, by watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, but she never really thought a career as a makeup artist could be a reality because she was not aware of all the different jobs this industry offers. Lucky for us, she realized that her true passion wasn’t dietetics and nutrition but instead makeup artistry.

After this epiphany hit, Gisela did not know what to do about it. There weren’t any sort of classes at any of the schools around her area that offered courses in makeup or anything related to the field. She entertained the idea of going into business simply because she one day wishes to open her own salon or makeup line, but quickly realized this would not be enough. She would need a formal education in artistry. Cosmetology school was another thought she had but she did not enjoy doing hair or nails so her goal was to find a school specifically for makeup courses. Eventually she decided to look online and found a few different makeup schools, but said Vizio Makeup Academy is what caught her eye and she made the decision to enroll with us.

Gisela is our chosen makeup artist of the month because she really understands what it means to get your name out there. She appreciates the value of social media in this day and age and knows that by posting these videos and pictures of her work, she will help herself build up a following as well as clients. Her networking strategies are very organized and clearly working well for her. She posts short videos on her YouTube channel that are always relevant to what is currently happening in the world. In these videos, she does a fantastic job of not only applying her makeup flawlessly, but also explaining step by step what she is doing, what product she is using and most importantly why she is doing it. A lot can be learned from the way she posts her videos. When her followers watch these, they not only see how talented she is but also how knowledgeable she is. Her Instagram posts are also very nicely done and spark interest in her, which leads people to watching her YouTube videos. These strategies have already worked wonders for Gisela as she is doing freelance work while finishing up her online courses. Her tutorials are posted on her YouTube channel

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrcCq75v1Oj0OO6Cu0UuIBw/featured as well as Instagram page. You can find her also by searching Gisela Garcia or her handle “fearless beautyy”.



January Feature Makeup Artist Gisela Garcia
January Feature Makeup Artist Gisela Garcia