The Science of Makeup with Kryolan

Kryolan Makeup New Campaign

Makeup companies launch new campaigns all the time. We see the commercials on TV and the pictures in our twitter feed and to be honest, much of this has just turned into white noise. That is until I saw the campaign from Kryolan titled Persephone’s Rise. Why is this campaign different from all the others you ask? Simply because it is Kryolan we are talking about and this company has yet to let us down in the last 70 years.

If you don’t know much about Kryolan, then you probably have not been in the makeup industry long (don’t fret, you’ll learn about them soon enough). Kryolan is one of the world’s first professional makeup brands and still continues to be the number one choice for professional makeup today. Many things set Kryolan apart from other makeup companies but the most influential is the fact that they use their own formulas and recipes to create their products. They actually think up, manufacture, formulate and create their own makeup, what other company does that!?

Kryolan may be the only makeup company that actually views makeup as a science. This strategy is how they are able to have such cutting edge products and technology. Their goal is to have outstanding quality products and to accomplish this they have a team of dermatologists and scientists working together. So far they have developed over 750 color intense shades in over 16,000 products! This company is so smart that they do not just develop one great product for everyone in the makeup industry, but instead, set different expectations for each region of the makeup world. This means that they focus their attention specifically on what exactly the theater industry, TV/cinema industry, special effects business, body art market and consumer market all need individually, and then cater to those needs.

Try out this makeup yourself and you will see that it is not only durable, but comfortable to wear and color consistent. Kryolan actually has this really awesome photo spectrometer that measures and monitors color with amazing accuracy so every color is guaranteed consistency, while also being guaranteed to not be washed out in any condition whether it’s on camera, stage or under HD lighting.

There is an amazing opportunity here for all of our Vizio students and graduates to work for this brilliant company. The jobs are varied because this company caters to the all industries such as film, television, beauty, and fashion, not to mention the private lines they serve around the world; so you would never be limited! Most of the jobs require good retail skills and although there are definitely makeup artistry positions, there are many other jobs within this company that do not require such skills. This company would be great to work for or even simply to buy your products from.

Their stunning new line Persephone’s Rise was launched November 19th, 2015 in London. Those lucky enough to be at the launch party got to witness the many faces of Persephone Queen of the Underground, along with some truly amazing imagery. Kryolan once again takes the makeup industry by storm.

Kryolan Makep
Kryolan Makep