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At Vizio Makeup Academy, we bring you the divine opportunities to bring out the hidden artist in yourself by offering the greatest online makeup education you can get. We are known to be the most elite online make up school in the United States of America and considered to be the world leaders in this case.

Vizio Makeup Academy Facebook testimonials:

Still worried about whether you should take the leap or not? It’s okay, take your time and check out Vizio Makeup Academy Facebook testimonials.

One of our customers that has been a student for five months, talked about how great it is to learn something online and how cost-effective some of our services are:

“I love being able to learn online. You can go back and review as many times as you want. I am a very busy aesthetician so being able to learn at my own pace has been very important. The staff at the assignments portion of the school is out of this world. They will answer any question you have and in a friendly, timely manner…Also, the products and brushes they send you at the beginning is a great time and money saver…Thank You Vizio.”

Another student talked about how impressed she was with our excellent Elite Makeup Course, and wrote:

“My Special Effects makeup certification with Vizio Makeup Academy and I’m loving It! The course is so detailed and the modules are very interesting and fun!!! The assignments are designed to help enhance your makeup application techniques and the feedback received from professors is very thorough. If course with any practical you must practice, practice, practice! The course is worth every dollar spent. I must admit though, alot of money is spent on makeup products to complete your practical assignments. It may be costly but in the end you will have a more complete makeup kit.”

What’s special about us? We teach the basics, as well! Hard to believe? One of our students can confirm:

“I started the course about three weeks. I love how they work from the ground up!!! They not only teach you the history of makeup, but they teach you how to set the stage for a flawless look!!”

Another one of our fond students, who already knew enough about makeup but wanted to enhance her knowledge, said:

“I’m so happy I chose Vizio Makeup Academy to further my education in makeup artistry. The online course is easy to use, very informative, and lots of fun! I’m also so thankful for their amazing customer service! Any time I have emailed with questions, they responded quickly, and have been so nice and helpful. I highly recommend this school!”
It seems our students taking the Elite Makeup Course seem the happiest, as this is what one of them wrote:

“I am in LOVE with this Elite FX Class so far. They explain everything (including full hands-on demonstrations) in the videos, in a way that you can understand and learn from it easily. I’ve already improved DRAMATICALLY, and I’m only 1/4 of the way through the class!”

Hence, if you’re looking for the best online makeup school, you’ve come to the right place, as Vizio Makeup Academy Facebook testimonials suggest.