Makeup Art Classes- HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST

Want to create a career in makeup? Becoming a professional makeup artist is not easy. Makeup is an art, and every makeup artist needs to know all about cosmetics and how to apply them. You need to choose the best makeup art classes that can focus on your expertise and offer the best training and grooming. Today, getting a makeup art certificate is very easy since there are so many makeup schools that offer a wide variety of makeup art classes.

The best you can do is to choose the right courses and makeup art classes accordingly. Make sure to check all the necessary details before you choose a reputed makeup training institute like Vizio Makeup Academy. Not to worry too much cause we have got you covered. Today, we will give you some tips on how to choose the best makeup art classes that can suit all your needs.

Tips to Choose the Right Makeup Art Classes

Makeup Art Classes

Know your Requirement

The first thing you need to do is know what you want from a makeup course. Nowadays, there are multiple options for a beautician to choose courses to be a makeup artist, hairstylist, cosmetologist courses, etc. Online beauty courses offer more variety of makeup art classes for beginners and for professional makeup artists as well. Each course offers various different lessons.

And for that reason, you need to understand your needs. What kind of courses do you need? And what is your career goal as a professional makeup artist?

Is your school a reputed institute?

Another thing that you should consider is whether the institution is reputed or not. You need to check if the institution is accredited or not. Let us brief you about what it means when a school gets accreditation. If a school gets accreditation, it means that the school is equipped with professional and skilled trainers and has a proper infrastructure. So it’s important to get admitted to a reputed makeup school like Vizio Makeup Academy. With Vizio Makeup Academy, students get more opportunities and better courses.

Check the Courses

As we have mentioned before there are so many beauty courses that you can choose to build your career in makeup, fashion or in hair design. Each course has its own specialty and features different aspects of a beautician course. Today, the few most popular makeup courses are cosmetology, beauty therapy, manicure and pedicure, makeup, spa therapy, and nail art. So it’s better to do proper research to know which course is best for you. Vizio Makeup Academy offers all sorts of makeup art classes for learners to choose from.

Get Practical Training On Makeup Art Classes

It is better to check whether your makeup course includes practical training or not, even through online learning platforms. For example, check if your course has proper LMS features where students can learn by real-time group chats or conferences. A good online makeup course should include a dashboard and proper training materials.

The Four Core Courses That We Offer

Introductory Makeup Course:

Introductory makeup courses are perfect for beginner makeup artists. The course can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. It takes about 20 hours to complete the entire course, so you don’t have to worry about wasting too much of your time and effort. You can easily submit your assignments from your instructors and learn the basic skills on how to do makeup. You can watch our Vizio Makeup Academy testimonials videos and how many of our students have taken this course.

The course includes:

  • History Of Makeup
  • How To Build Your Makeup Kit
  • Unlimited Student Access
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist Feedback
  • eBook
  • Face Charts
  • Colour Theory
  • How To Use Your Pro Makeup Brush Set
  • How To Choose Right Foundation Shade
  • Contour, Highlight, Blend
  • Classical Natural Makeup
  • Cosmetic Discount
  • Certification

Master Makeup Course:

The premier makeup course includes all the above features of the introductory makeup course. In addition to that, the course also has many other features and takes around 65 hours to complete. The following course includes:

  • Eyeliner techniques
  • Blending Techniques
  • Runway Makeup
  • Editorial Makeup
  • Hollywood Celebrity Makeup
  • Cat Eye Makeup
  • Vintage Makeup
  • 80s Makeup
  • Men’s Makeup
  • How to Use Airbrush Tools
  • Airbrush Application
  • Lip Liner Techniques
  • Eye Shadow Colors/ Layering
  • Cosmetic Discounts
  • Also A Original Certification

Premier & Elite Makeup Course With FX for makeup art classes:

The above two makeup courses include all the features of introductory and masterclasses and also a few extra benefits that you can get from these courses. The Premier makeup course takes around 150 hours to finish, and the Elite Makeup Course With FX requires 220 hours to complete.

  • Professional Makeup Kit ($699 value)
  • Professional Makeup Brush Set ($399 value)
  • SFX Makeup Collection
  • Marketing For Makeup Artist
  • Cosmetic Discounts
  • Certification

Our professional Makeup Art Classes  Offers

When you are choosing us, you know that you are choosing the best makeup art classes. With Vizio Makeup Academy testimonials of thousands of our certified students and with a 98% success rate, Vizio is your ultimate destination for makeup school. In our online makeup art classes, we offer a variety of features so that beginners can easily learn. Our makeup art classes offers:

  • Online interactive DVDs
  • Learn at your convenience with our Self-paced learning
  • Fixable schedule
  • Our instructors are among the industry’s best makeup artists
  • We got featured in the Urban Decay Pro School Directory
  • Official USA trademark
  • Having business experience for more than fifteen years
  • Offer reasonable and standard course fees
  • Over 50,000 successful graduates Worldwide with a 98% success rate
  • We have our own line of premium quality makeup products
  • Pro Certificatified with Leatherette Folder Official GoldenSeal


Vizio Makeup Academy is not just an online makeup Academy, rather it’s a place where women and men from across the world can come together and embark on their makeup talents and hone their makeup skills. With different courses that offer multiple opportunities around the world, it’s time for you to become a pro makeup artist with Vizio. So enroll today.