Each month, Vizio Makeup Academy will be featuring some of its very own makeup artist students on the blog for a makeup artist feature.  Our feature will include each makeup artist’s biography, current projects, examples of work, and product preferences that they cannot live or do without.vizio

Individuals who pursue their life long  passions and dreams should be inherently  celebrated.  It takes a brave and strong soul to shoot for the stars and move towards achieving ones vision of a career in something they love.  I think so many of us get caught up with the fear of failure that it paralyzes us from stepping outside of our comfort zones towards our visionary passions and creative goals.  Well I firmly believe that we are all destined for greatness and full heartedly believe that in order to achieve that greatness, one must take a chance and just go for that career that never truly feels like work.

These features are precisely about the people that have taken that leap towards their passion for makeup artistry by enrolling in our professional makeup classes to become professional makeup artists.   The makeup artist features will explore the talent and celebrate the creativity and success of our current students and alumni.

Our makeup artists will be hand selected by our staff to be highlighted in our monthly feature post.

If any current student or alum is interested in being highlighted in a feature, please email us for more information: info@makeuponlineschool.com