Makeup Hacks That Every Women (And Men) Should Know

Apart from the usual tips and techniques in makeup, having a bit of tricks and hacks up your sleeve should come in handy, especially if you’re in a state of emergency. Oh, I don’t know; it can be your favorite makeup product just ran out unexpectedly (or worse, lost) or perhaps you’re trying to glam up on a budget. Whatever the reason may be, these makeup tips will surely help you in the long run.

Makeup tips on your face

If you want a lightness of a makeup yet you are seeking a decent coverage, mix your favorite moisturizer with a drop of foundation (depending on the consistency and coverage that you need) and spread it evenly onto your face.

Finish with a little bit of mineral veil and you will look dewy fresh all day long.

Makeup tips for the peepers!

Want something different from the usual eyeliner? Try out this makeup tip: turn them into a gel-ish formula by holding the kohl under the flame for a few seconds and let it cool before applying them onto the lids. A more dramatic eye will certainly look back at you in the mirror.

Light and shimmery eye shadow colors are certainly a nuisance as you need to apply the color layer by layer to make it visible. Pop the color by applying an opaque, white eye shadow (beige also works well) and watch a single dust will make the color obvious. Alternatively, an eye primer can also produce the same effect.

It’s a rule that mascara has a lifespan of three months, after the cap is open for the first time. Here’s a makeup tip if the tube have ‘die’ shortly before the first three months – bring them back to life with a few drops of saline solution (not too much or it will be too runny to apply!).

heat-eyecurler 500

For a longer and more curl for your lashes, use a heated lash curler (with iron or hair dryer) for few times before applying mascara. Works every time.

To avoid mascara marks smearing unnecessarily on the eye lid, cover them up with a spoon and apply the wand onto the lashes. Watch how un-pro fingers (that’s you!) work with no residue marks left on the lid. Alternatively, you can use the edge of a tissue for the same purpose.

Marilyn Monroe Makeup-tips
Marilyn Monroe Makeup-tips

Makeup tips for sexy, kissable lips

A tip from Marilyn Monroe herself, she creates her own signature lip color by mixing two different colors of her choice with a dab of Vaseline. Alternatively, you can do the same by mixing up some loose pigments and have your unique lip gloss. How cool is that?

Keep these makeup tips and tricks in mind (and up your sleeve) and you’ll be sure to impress anyone, including yourself, given how easy yet rivals a pro doing it. Want to know more about makeup tips, hacks and courses, get yourself booked at online makeup school that offers online makeup courses and know how you can work out your skills in makeup.

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