Makeup Masterclass Ideas

As makeup instructors hosting a makeup masterclass, you should be able to make students enjoy your classes. Help them by making sure they gain a lot of things from your classes. In addition to this, your classes should be able to help students improve their makeup routine with good application methods.

These should be the objectives of the masterclass and they all have to be achieved. The article carries a lot of makeup masterclass ideas and a detailed guide to help instructors and makeup academies make their masterclasses better.

makeup masterclass ideas

Some Makeup Masterclass Idea

Share some of your favorite summer makeup appearances.

Tell the students what your must-haves are in your makeup kits

Tell them how to clean up their makeup kits, give them tips and tricks to make it easier.

Give them the best makeup products that are budget-friendly

Share details of how your makeup routine is

Make sure some of your classes cover appearances for different occasions, specific looks, seasons, and holidays.

Give tips for storing Makeup equipment

Advise people thinking of using makeup as their form of business.

Talk about everything you think they would need

Show them your most reliable products, the ones you always count on.

Amazing Tips To Help Improve Your Makeup Masterclass Ideas

These are makeup masterclass ideas that help makeup instructors and academies host better masterclasses for their makeup students.

Always Keep To The Allotted Time

No matter how interesting you think your class is, make sure you hold your class within the allotted time given to you. No student likes a lecturer that stays more than his or her class time. Also, at some point in time, the brain isn’t able to process some things anymore. A maximum of 2 to 3 hours should be enough for each day.

Do Not Emphasize On One Lecture The Whole Day

That little time you have to teach should not be used to lecture one particular topic. Don’t go talking about one thing for too long because it makes it uninteresting and complicated. For instance, you can decide to teach smokey eyes, bold smokey eyes, and fixing eyebrows the same day.

They can be sectioned to fit into your allotted time. This method also helps for better understanding because every new topic gets them excited. It would be cool to use different experts for every new topic.

Practice Before Going Up There

Please, don’t ever think that because you are an expert then you don’t have to make preparations for every class. Obviously, it should be more of a practical class but you have to keep in mind that Students ask questions and you might still have to talk to them too. Besides, even professors prepare notes, preparing notes doesn’t mean that you have no idea what you are doing. It just means that you take preparation to be very important. Moreover, you might fumble without preparation.

Make The Class Interactive

This is a very common mistake because most times instructors don’t know that they don’t have to be the ones doing all the makeup in the class or all the questions answering. You can test your students by making them answer each other’s questions. This has to be something you must have taught them before.

After you show the students a practical lesson, you can call someone from the audience to do exactly what you just did. Also, before starting a class next time you can pick out one random student to show you how well he or she practices after the class. Call one student and then make the student do something you must have taught them before. This could make your class more fun, in addition to this, you get to monitor the student’s progress.

Invite Guest Instructors (Celebrity Makeup Artists If Possible)

In a way, this might not be too much of a good idea because some students don’t feel free with a new instructor in the class. The best guest should be a celebrity makeup artist because then the students will feel obligated to want to listen well because everyone sees celebrities as some sort of gods who are always right.

Spice up the masterclass once in a while and just bring in someone who would get your students excited and ready to learn. Some celebrity makeup artists have trademarks. Some of them are very common because of their signature style.

Give Assignments

Keep your students engaged with what they are being taught by making them practice at home. This would help carry everyone along because when it is deemed as an assignment, the students see the need to practice and submit.

Some Of The Lessons You Can Give Students

Beauty Philosophy Lesson

This is where you get to share your experience on how to create makeup looks to enhance what you portray as a person. Also, this is where you get to talk about how the makeup masterclass would be.

Fresh Makeup

Teaching on how to prepare a fresh makeup look, something that wouldn’t be too much and won’t take a lot of time too. This is makeup from scratch, very quick and simple.

Contouring And Highlighting

Firstly, contouring has been a signature style for every makeup artist because it has been there for years in the beauty world. You can give detailed steps to help the students.

Smokey Eye

This is one unique style that has kept some makeup artists today in business. Not everyone is able to do it because it is a little complex and new. There are different styles used to create a smokey eye as a makeup artist.

Bridal Makeup

A bride doesn’t wear the regular makeup of every girl on the street today because this is a big day, it should be noted that you have to tell students how important it is and make sure they can create a look for this occasion.

The goal here is to give makeup masterclass ideas to some of the instructors out there and also, help them so that they could be better at impacting their students with the knowledge and also see where they make mistakes too. Vizio Makeup Academy is always helpful for you because it can bring out the professionalism in you through their online courses. Get in touch with them to learn more.