The most enjoyable thing to observe about the world of makeup is how it is constantly changing. You will never find one trend staying on the charts for too long. They are always changing and gaining new colors, flavors and styles from around the world. And the best thing is not even that. Practically anyone can introduce new trends in the makeup industry. That is a fresh change unlike in other industries, where the trends have to be endorsed and approved by an influential personality. That is hardly the case with makeup! Here are some makeup trends spring 2019 that your life absolutely needs:

makeup trends spring 2019

Makeup Trends Spring 2019

Glossy lids are the classiest and newest type of eye look to go for in the year of 2019. Their innovative and unique approach as compared to matte eye look is what attracts an audience. Just like you would choose to apply gloss on your lips, same is the case with your eye look. After blending your desired shade, take a swipe of gloss on your appropriate makeup brush and dab away at your lid. If you want you can mix in some powder or liquid highlighter in your amount of gloss before application.

Monochrome Looks For Spring 2019

We as a society have seen all the different types of makeup looks there have ever been created. But for makeup trends spring 2019 we are introducing a new type of makeup looks! Monochrome looks!

Monochrome looks are what you would call in short and simple words; color-coordinated. If you are applying a coral lipstick then make sure you apply an equally coral pink eye shadow as well. And don’t forget the coral blush on your cheeks as well. The even distribution of the same color creates a wonderful display of taste, class, and innovation for you to boast of.

makeup trends spring 2019

Brushed Brows for Makeup Trends Spring 2019

Dramatic brows are a known staple in the makeup industry but brushed feather brows are way catchier and attractive than that. In 2019 you are stepping out with your boldest brows and STOP tweezing them so much. This year we are sporting and flaunting our brows in their full glory with nothing stopping them. In order to give your eyebrows that brushed outlook, use a clean spoolie brushed against a bar of soap. The semi-dry lather from the soap will stick your brows in place giving you the greatest look from makeup trends spring 2019; like the ones you see on the runways for Harper Bazaar!

Neon Kisses!

In spring 2019, we are all parties and dances! Who can pass up the chance of some party mood? No one! Well, don’t hesitate in duplicating that energy into your makeup look when you wake up. Neon lipstick signifies good energy, happy mood levels and they add a dash of awesome in your day. The best thing about neon lipstick is that it matches any and every makeup look of yours without looking odd. They stand out remarkably and that is their stronghold. Don’t be afraid to try out something new and step out of your comfort zone this spring 2019.