Spring/Summer Makeup Trends 2017

Hello readers! Get excited because it’s that time of year again; we need to prepare for sunny days, light clothing and of course new makeup trends! We have researched some fun and flirty makeup trends for you to break out in style this spring and summer seasons.

One of the coolest and easiest makeup trends this season involves elegant, sparkly eye makeup. There are a few different ways to incorporate some shimmery metallic into your makeup without going New Year’s Eve overboard. One trick is to use sparkly liner just on your lower lids. This gives you a nice subtle pop that is perfect for a night out. Another way to use metallic eye makeup in a more sophisticated way would be by using a shimmery eye shadow on the lids and using a soft gold or silver pencil to line the eyes. Another trend we have seen is glittery lips which can be paired with bold graphic eyeliner to complete the look.

In the summertime when we’re so often out in the sun or by the pool, the minimal look really can go a long way. Simply pair your natural makeup with a red lip and you’ll be ready for any occasion. Bronzed, dewy skin is also a summer staple. Everyone loves to get that sun-kissed complexion and it’s easier than you think! You don’t even need to put your skin in harm’s way by over exposing it to the hard UV rays from the sun. Instead, you can achieve this look just by sweeping some bronzer over your cheeks and eyes.

Watercolor eyes are also a great look we will see a lot this spring. By mixing together shimmery colors like lavender, aqua, and gold, we create a subtle but stunning eye look.
Lips are one of the major focuses of this upcoming summer season. Two-tone lips specifically being all the craze. This doesn’t mean you need to have one lip be red and the other lip blue, but you can ride this makeup trend by choosing a nice matte color for your upper lip. For example, red on top and something in the same color scheme like a hot pink for the bottom lip. This won’t be an exaggerated difference but it will be noticeable enough and give your look more dimensions. Another lip look would be the ombre lip, making you look fresh and young. You can apply the ombre with bright colors such as red and orange. Line the lips with red and then apply the dab of orange for a bright pop right in the center of your lips.

Another makeup trend we are sure to see this upcoming season is known as the new contouring called “draping”. This method is when you drape your blush high up on the corners of your cheeks and the sides of your eyes. You can try a less intense version by starting off with either the high cheekbones or the soft wash in the center of your eyes.
Hope these trends help you achieve the perfect look for these upcoming seasons!

Spring/Summer makeup trends 2017