March Featured Makeup Artist Victoria Barna!

Victoria Barna was formed to be an artist from an early age

In general, who we become as people has a lot to do with our childhood. The environment we grew up in, how close family relationships were, what our parents did for a living as well as what we did for fun are all factors that shape who we become as adults. In the case of our March Featured Makeup Artist, Victoria Barna, she was formed to be an artist from an early age.

Victoria is a self-taught artist who grew up under the creative influence of her mother. Having always loved makeup (she was an avid “Face Off” watcher, as I am sure many of us were), she has always dreamed of becoming a movie makeup artist and costume designer. In addition to makeup, she is very passionate about painting, designing, and teaching. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for graphic and communication design. Later, she received her Bachelors of Art with a concentration in Fine and Studio art from SUNY College at Oneonta.

Having so many passions and the desire to follow all of them, Victoria decided to try out her mother’s path and accepted a teaching job and SUNY. She loved teaching her 3 dimensional design class, but soon realized she wanted to be designing and not just teaching design.

Something Victoria realizes, that some others do not, is that there are many forms of design, makeup being one of them. Makeup, as Victoria likes to think of it, is like painting but instead uses a face as your canvas. This obviously comes very naturally to her and she was thrilled when she discovered our academy. Victoria is always up for a challenge and wants to continue learning as much as she can throughout our program. She is well versed in the design world, currently working as a Creative Designer at DuJour Media, but we are helping her achieve her dreams in the world of makeup artistry.

Victoria’s backgrounds in marketing, social media and fashion will only aid her in the cosmetic industry and help her land her dream job. We are impressed with her self-promotion and skills on social media and hope that our other students can learn from this. She is focused and determined to promote herself in this industry and enhance her skills through our program. She is so determined actually, that Victoria plans to move from Manhattan to Los Angeles this summer. We have the utmost confidence in her ability to pursue her dreams and know that she will be successful.

Victoria’s experience is a great reminder that you can change your life if you really want to. If you have been working a job you don’t care for or living in a place you no longer want to be… what is holding you back from change? Pursue your dreams, push your limits and above all: choose happiness.

If you would like to see some of Victoria’s work, you can check her out on Facebook, Instagram, or her website barnavictoria.com.

Victoria Barna March Makeup Artist Feature
Victoria Barna March Makeup Artist Feature
Victoria Barna Makeup Artist
Victoria Barna Makeup Artist