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Talented Savannah Jackson Finds Her Passion In Makeup Artistry!

Passion is a hard thing to find. Many think they have it, only to realize that their feelings burn out. Whether this is in a career, relationship or hobby; if you find what you are passionate about in life, please please do your best to hang on to it. Our May featured makeup artist knows a little something about differentiating between interests and passion.

Savannah Jackson is a current student in our program who is not only doing a fantastic job but who has accomplished so much since being a makeup artistry student with us. At only 21 years old, she hasn’t been around makeup and the glamour world for long, but has always grown up dreaming of the beauty industry. Growing up, she hoarded Vogue magazines and soaked up all the beauty tips like a sponge. She mentions a big interest in the bold and classic looks of the past, citing classic beauties like Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Dita Von Teese as some of her inspirations. Eager to put all these tips from the magazines to use, Savannah was finally allowed to wear makeup at age 17 and has since become even more infatuated with it.

Like so many others, Savannah has gone through some tough times in her life. Once she had a child, she stopped doing some of the things she loved, one being makeup artistry. Luckily she was reminded of her wonderful passion for glamour and beauty and that helped her make it through the rough times. She claims that in part, makeup and fashion were her saving grace.

Originally, Savannah started college convinced she would become a personal trainer. She was in multiple internships, going to school for exercise science and working in a supplement store so she was pretty much immersed in that life. Until one day she realized this life that she thought she loved, she actually grew to hate. Recognizing that she needed to get out, she returned to the drawing board and came up with modeling. After landing a few modeling gigs, she did not feel like it was turning out the way she had planned. This is when she started thinking about the people behind the scenes at the photoshoots. She was, and currently still is, in college studying Psychology at this time but could not shake the feeling that she wanted her chance behind the chair.

Life was put into perspective when her nana was diagnosed with cancer. Savannah realized that she did not want regrets in life and that she had to try a career in beauty. She began looking for schools and was unsatisfied with what she found, until she found us. Ever since she has been at our school, her technique and skills have blossomed! She hopes to continue learning and one day own her own business with her biggest supporters, her husband and son, right by her side.

Although she has many interests in life, we are lucky that Savannah was able to find her passion in makeup artistry and decide to pursue it through our school.


May Makeup Artist Feature Savannah Jackson
May Makeup Artist Feature Savannah Jackson


May Makeup Artist Feature Savannah Jackson
May Makeup Artist Feature Savannah Jackson