New Years Makeup Trends

Makeup Trends for New Years

Ring in 2016 With the Perfect New Years Makeup Look

Everyone has different philosophies when it comes to their makeup. Some think less is more while others like to pile it on every day of the week. This is, of course, completely natural because we are all unique individuals and, who among us would want to look the same as everyone else? Especially when at a party or social event, there will always be the widest variety of looks you can imagine, as it should be. But there is one day out of the year when everyone has a little uniformity and that day is upon us. Just a few days from now will be New Year’s Eve and if there is any time to forgo your beauty philosophy, it is now.
New Year’s Eve brings out the risky side in everyone. No matter what look you are used to, this is the night to abandon that look for something a little more… sparkly. But sometimes going outside of our comfort zones is scary. That is why we are here to help you perfectly place that sprinkle of glitter and swipe on the sexiest shade of red lipstick.

Red colors can be very intimidating and tricky to use correctly, however, look magnificent when pulled off. A little secret is not to overdo the red lips. If you have been rocking the bold color all throughout the holiday season, then we suggest dialing back the boldness. Of course red lips are a holiday staple, so don’t get me wrong definitely still wear them, just choose more of an auburn shade rather than crimson. A gorgeous red can not only be used on the lips, but can be a great addition to your eyes, with the right color and nice liner.

There are many eye looks that are popular this New Year’s that will compliment your ensemble perfectly. Some of the hottest looks that celebrities will be rocking are the bronzed smoky eye, graphic winged liner, metallic eyes, amethyst eye, pewter eye, glittery eye, and black and gold eye looks. Glitter is a given on this holiday and whether you like it or not, every New Years makeup look can be bumped up a notch by adding a little sparkle. Whether that is a subtle gold shimmer or a full on glittered eye is completely up to you. We’d like to share a few simple ways to add a little glitter to your look that will look fabulous every time.

For sultry blue eyes, there is a New Years makeup look I especially love that combines silver eye shadow, black kohl liner and a sprinkle of glitter across the lid. This would be great to go for if you are looking for a darker eye look. A slightly glitterier and lighter look (that is equally amazing) uses a dusty rose color on the lids, smolder pencil to line the eyes and pink glitter on the inner corners to highlight the eyes. Top this with a healthy coat of mascara and you will have jaws dropping everywhere you go. If you are ready to embrace this holiday completely, coat a heavy layer of glitter (whichever color you like) onto a lighter shade of eye shadow of the same color and extend to a point. Line with thick liner and a few coats of your voluminous mascara and you are ready to party. For a less dramatic party look, try a nice nude shadow with a thin coat of silvery eye dust on top. This paired with a thick winged look is the perfect balance for a classy look.

Above all, remember to keep those lips nice and moisturized for when the ball drops at midnight! We hope everyone has a safe and happy new year’s and we will see you all in 2016!

New Years Makeup
New Years Makeup


New Years Makeup
New Years Makeup